The Week That Was…


Oh what a beautiful week it has been.

My little darlings managed 4 days at school, only being off on Friday due to their colds finally getting the better of them. After all the upset with the bullying at school, I’m crazy proud of my boys for having such a successful week at school.


The boys were silly excited at having daddy along on the school run. Hubs got silly excited after learning he couldn’t work from home as planned due to misplacing his laptop dongle doodah and leaving the power pack at work, he’ a doofus!

3 march

I got all silly excited at finally doing some sewing, whoop whoop!

The boys enjoyed the start to World Book Day with their new books, we is loving reading at the moment.


I ensured I remained awesome mama by providing warm homemade pancakes for brekkie before school. The secret….get hubby to make them the night before, warm them in the pan in the morning and BOOM you are awesome!

4 march

I decided to take a walk in the local park, made a lovely change to the beach. I hit the shops and picked up a rather butch blankie for hubby, I only have 6 or so, obviously not enough to share, so it was time to get him his own.

We rocked the pancakes with sprinkles, magic sugar and good ol’ lemon and sugar! Oh yum!


Oh this was a difficult morning. As soon as we stepped outside the house they began crying and getting all upset, eventually I got them to school where Ahren had a bit of breakdown and was clinging on to me sobbing. After talking to a teacher, he began to settle and whilst I left them at school with tears in my eyes and my heart a little more broken, I was relieved to know the teacher fully understood my concerns and why Ahren was so upset.

5 march

I took a walk along the beach to help calm myself, it was a beautiful low tide, lots of exploring in the rook pools.

Ahrens water bottle broke AGAIN! I had to buy another one, I think this is the 6th or 7th since September.


World Book Day, whoop whoop!

My darlings were super excited with their Thing 1 and Thing 2 outfits. We received several smiles and giggles on the school run, which the boys enjoyed!

6 march

I worked on some projects around the house, something about the warmer weather has got me energised to do things again, such a nice feeling!

Ahren lost his other water bottle, what the what?!!?!?!


Gah! I was so excited that they were about to manage a full week then…cough cough, sneeze, wheeze and choking on phlegm put my excitement on hold. They have been struggling with a cold all week so it wasn’t totally unexpected that it finally got the better of them.

7 march

Whilst many parents would send their kids to school with colds, Ethan especially causes me stress and worries over a simple cold. With his reduced wind pipe he has so much difficulty in coughing up anything, so it lingers and rattles, making his breathing laboured and….yeah stressful times all round over a simple cold.

But the day wasn’t totally without education; we played shop. They used their maths and writing skills to buy treats from the ‘shop’, all rather fun!


Woke up to a glorious morning. The kind of day when you are happy to be alive, nothing is impossible and life is good!

After taking advantage to the sun shining to get some laundry outside we hit the beach and found some driftwood goodies. The boys had a little paddle in the sea, it was freezing bloody cold, brrrrr!

8 march

After a while we pootled back home to enjoy the sunny garden and flump time doing much of nothing, ahhh bliss!

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  1. Wow. What a great week of photo's! You have been very productive and busy! x

  2. I love the thing 1 & 2 costumes :-) beautiful pictures and a great round up! Have a great week x

  3. Love the costumes! Glad you've had such a wonderful week and super glad the teacher is understanding xx

  4. Beautiful photos as ever! A lovely round up. Vicky x

  5. You are most definitely an awesome mama, Amanda. I (deliberately) forgot about pancake day, so no pancakes for us. Oh dear! Glad that the boys had a good 4 days at school. xx

  6. I've been MIA for awhile... finally coming out of the slump to catch up ;) Looks like you had a good week, love the accompanying photos and descriptions! Sorry to hear about bullying :( I'm having a rough time with my first grader right now, he went from loving school last year, to not at all this year.

  7. I'm so glad to hear you've had a better week lovely! Choc-chip pancakes? Yes please!

    Thank you so much for linking up to #TWTWC xx


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