When Your Child Refuses To Go To School……What Do You Do?

I’m sure we’ve all had ‘those’ mornings.

The ones where everything goes against you, if it can go wrong, it will.

In an epic style.

I thought yesterday started of bad.. it was raining, the kids kicked off a little, I forgot my phone and purse at home, we had to rush for the train, the boys jumped in every puddle, Ethan arrived at school with his foot covered in blood due to a cut on his ankle, I got soaked on the way home, missed my train then to top it all off my 4 month old camera stopped working.

Despite all that, I managed to get the kids to school and on time, hurrah!

Yet today….oh today was just…. too much.

I was up at my usual 6am, plenty of time to get lunches and uniforms ready. Time enough for the kids to stumble out of bed, chow down some breakfast, glance at a wash cloth, say hello to their tooth brushes and get dressed ready to be out the door at 8am.

I have the mornings set to a T, I know what has to be done and when, yet when the kids fail to co-operate everything goes to pot.

It doesn’t matter their backpacks are ready, lunches made and packed, water bottles freshly filled, reading books placed in reading bags, letters signed and ready to return along with completed homework. It doesn’t matter that their shoes are by the door, ready to be slipped on, nor their uniforms fresh from the dryer.

None of it matters, because if the children won’t co-operate and get dressed, what do you do?


I can’t take them to school naked.

Trying to restrain an almost 5 year old to force them in to clothes leads to flailing limbs smacking mummy in the face or a full out melt down by a 4 year old, who if you even get dressed will promptly strip back to being naked when you turn your attention to attempt to dress his brother.

Having the kids run screaming back to their bedroom, climbing a bunk bed and holding on to the top rail in a death grip isn’t easily resolved.

Stern words, bribery and tears don’t work, I tried them all.

I know as their parent it’s my responsibility to get them to school, and I do.

But, when they kick off and the only thing which may work is physically restraining them both {which with 2 children is physically impossible anyway} where do you draw the line?

I don’t like giving in, I dislike the fact that this mornings drama led me to having to take my meds to prevent a panic attack, which I haven’t needed for a while.

I’m frustrated that they’ve ‘won’, I feel like a weak parent because I couldn’t get them to do what I wanted.

I just don’t know what to do on a morning like this.

Thankfully their daddy is home tomorrow for the school run, which they are already looking forward too, it seems they only have an issue with mummy taking them to school.

People say “Just make them get dressed and go to school”, but as with anything, if a person doesn’t co-operate, how do you manage it? Asking, telling, begging and demanding mean nothing if they don’t want to listen.

I realise this mornings drama could have been triggered by any number of thing’s, maybe it’s lingering fear of the bullies or perhaps they’ve just got fed up of walking 4 miles a day in the rain, whatever it is I hope they tell me soon.

Do you have any tips for getting the kids out the door, fully dressed, in the mornings?


  1. This is sort of my worst nightmare really... lol. But as I only have a toddler, I juts leave her in teh garden naked until she says she's cold and would like her clothes back on pls... *sniggers* different when you actually have to run to time schedule though! eek xx

  2. Wow. I have no advice, I'm just thinking that I have all this to look forward to - Trying to restrain and dress and 2 year old is bad enough!! x

  3. I don't have any advice I'm afraid.. just perverseness I suppose. It's even more stressful when it's okay for Daddy to do it, but not Mummy. That really gets on my nerves. I hope the rest of the week is less stressful for you x


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