Easter Break Bucket List

Oh what a joyful day, the Easter holidays have begun.

No more school for two whole weeks, whoop whoop!!

On our walk home from school the children and I were discussing all the things they would like to do over the next two weeks, we shall of course be completing all their homework, but essentially the next two weeks are all about fun!

As soon as we got home I knocked up our Easter Bucket List, I shall be whacking this up on the fridge as a little reminder of what we want to do.

easter holiday bucket list

I’ve been so looking forward to this break, with the bullying they have suffered this year and a bunch of other crap I’m so ready for some laid back and fun parenting.

What are your plans for Easter break?


  1. That is a great bucket list! So achievable!! Looking forward to seeing you tick everything off :) x

  2. Looking forward to future posts I'm sure you'll show us you makes and fun!x

  3. A great list of Country Kids activities up there. I hope you manage them all #Savouring theseason

  4. This is so fun!! Thanks for sharing with #SavouringtheSeason So sorry to hear you're having a rough time at the moment.xx

  5. Great idea, I really need to do an Easter bucket list now! Mich x

  6. Great to have a bucket list. We've got a couple of places we want to visit and have been enjoying going to the swimming pool which we haven't done for months. #savouringtheseason


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