How Does Your Garden Go

I’ve been feeling a little lost the past few days.

The boys are now getting a school bus to and from school.

Now I have all these hours to fill, from 8am to 4.15pm I’m just pootling along, doing nothing in particular, feeling very alone and lost.

As much as I hated the school run, I loved it too. Those hours when it was just the boys and me were some of my favourite.

So, I decided to go for a wonder around Old Town, the house is spookily quiet when I’m on my own, and a walk in the park sounded perfect to clear my foggy head.


I adore this ‘tunnel’ formed by the trees.

pink and white blossom

a pretty white blossom tree

alone on the steps

A lone dandelion on the steps, felt rather apt as I was indulging in my own pity party.

bench before a lamppost

blanket of petals

Even the petals which had fallen on the ground are pretty.

blue bells

cloud porn

duke the dog

Here lies Duke, he was a dog. Woof.

Despite being to the park a few times, I’d never noticed this before, observant aren’t I!

lonely little building

The loneliest building in the park.

pink blossom in a tree

pink in green

pretty after a fall

How gorgeous are these. I always feel kinda bad for the flowers which have dropped, it’s as though they no longer serve a purpose.

pretty in pink

weeds and blooms

red and white trees

Looks like autumn hasn’t left or maybe it’s early.



The squirrels in this park are crazy calm. Just sitting there, digging the ground, searching for nuts, or sitting on a stone, munching on nuts.

Aren't they cute in a ‘bite your arm off and give you rabies and fleas kinda way’!

park entrance

This is one of the entrances / exits to the park, always seems rather misleading. It looks eerie, not a hint of the beauty and calm beyond.

The walk did indeed help calm my pity party for one, thank goodness for open spaces.

I shall be linking up with the lovely Annie over at Mammasaurus for another roundup of posts celebrating all thing garden, planty and bloomy.


  1. What a beautiful park. Would love to see a real live squirrel one day, fleas and all!
    Sorry to hear you are feeling a bit flat and lost. I suppose in such situations it is good to get int a routine and keep busy. Maybe you could still catch the train with the boys occasionally? I have been a bit flat myself of late, as I haven't been working much. Easy to get stuck in a rut. Hopefully with the arrival of Spring weather you will be able to get out in the fresh air and get stuck int gardening etc.


  2. Beautiful pictures, Amanda. I always find nature does wonderful things for a sore soul!

  3. Lovely pictures. A reminder that Summer is soon on its way! Elinor x

  4. How nice to have such a lovely park nearby. And now you can take the boys when they are back from school and show them the things you have seen for the first time. I bet they'll love Duke's gravestone.

  5. The park looks beautiful, especially with all the blossom. I like watching squirrels because they're so cheeky :)

  6. what a beautiful park and pictures!! i know what you mean about that feeling of lost but you will soon figure out how to fill in those hours. even if you have to go to that park every day ;)

  7. So love your photos! I should go back to our park too when the sun would go shine again! #HDYGG

  8. There aint no party like a pity party!

    Cool that you took yourself off for a walk - going through that tunnel of trees over the fallen blossom must have been aces. I always have mixed emotions about fallen blossom - it looks so pretty carpeting the ground but then it makes me sad that the blossom is on it's way out again for another year. I remember picking up fallen blossom stalks on the way home from school and giving them to my mum. God I am such a creep ;)

    Gorg. shots, RIP Duke. Woof.

    Thanks for joining in :) x

  9. such lovely shots of the blossom… and that cheeky little squirrel! x

  10. Beautiful Photos!!!... The entrance does look abit deceiving, but i guess you should never judge a book by its cover... It looks sooo pretty inside and Hello Cheeky Squirrel :) #HDYGG


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