How Does Your Garden Grow

Fingers crossed, it will grow pretty well!

The boys and I have a few ideas to keep us busy in the garden over the next few weeks. At the moment it seems to be stuck in a little blah phase.

The Spring flowers are no longer at their best, whilst the Summer ones aren’t yet ready to bloom, so I thought I’d share some photos of the gorgeous plantage we saw along the seafront over the weekend.

It always surprises me just how much colour and variety there is along the beach.


red orange tulips

red tulips

wall plants


lots of blue

flowers on the sea front

The boys spent ages rolling down this gentle hill, running back up to the top…just to roll back down.

rolling down a hillmini pinecones and a snail

pretty blooms


making a wish

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Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. Perfect day to do rolliepollie! The blooms are all beautiful as well. Ahhh Spring> I love thee!

  2. So many flowers! beautiful just beautiful!

  3. I think the coast has a beauty all of it's own-something to do with the light maybe? Lovely images and my two would have followed your boys lead with the hill too :)

  4. great shots. such beautiful colors!

  5. Lots of lovely colour along the seafront! My back garden is also in the blah phase at the moment. I'm waiting for all the seeds I planted to spring up out of the ground and make my garden look lush and green :)

  6. really lovely shots, and so much colour too! x

  7. I need to find me a hill to roll down!
    Gorgeous colours - I really love the red tulips against the white buildings. Your photos are so clear - love them :)

    Thanks ever so much for joining in again ! x

  8. Gorgeous gorgeous! I love that there are lots of flowers in the walls and those tulips are just fabulous. Great to see the bright colours coming out to play again :)

  9. Yay it is tulip time, my favourite part of spring. The rosemary is gorgeous, I have some and the bees are enjoying it too.

  10. Lots of variety, that snail looks happy :-) Lovely photos.

  11. great pictures, particularly love how the snail managed to get included:)

  12. I think rolling down hills should become part of the National Curriculum - it's so good for the children and always makes me smile watching it. Your municipal planting looks super too - if you're into gardening, being let loose on public places must a be a dream come true

  13. Love it that the boys were rolling down a hill. Such a great simple pleasure! Love the flowers, except the pesky snail!


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