How Does Your Garden Grow

Been a busy week in the garden with lots of planting, sowing and other garden planty type things going on.

I thinned out the bulbs and some plants which were just too bunched together.

bulbs from the garden

a little blue

Seems I’m growing snails as well as plants!

cedric the snail

We got some pots and started potting some colourful plants for Summer.

stacked pot tower

Seems crazy hyper children running around like loons and delicate flowers don’t mix very well… I had to rescue these stems after the kids snapped them off, ahh well they look pretty indoors!

bloomy and garland

The boys got into the whole gardening malarkey using their rather adorable gardening tools we bought from Morrisons.

kids gardening set

Here’s Ethan rocking the latest in garden wear chic….pjs and welly boots!

ethan doing some watering

Ahren…digging in the compost whilst rocking the Spiderman onesie, too darn cool!

ahren and compost

We did a little sowing of wildflower seeds which will hopefully be attracting some butterflies and bees.

scattered seeds

Got the saw out and upcycled this ladder in to a rather lovely pot display, I love this and can’t wait to see it once the flowers bloom.

ladder garden display

Here’s a few of the bloomy blooms we’ve got at the moment, and a lady bug, cause every garden needs a lady bug!

garden collage

Linking up with the lovely Mammasaurus for more How Does Your Garden Grow

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. Love all your photos! Especially love the wellies as pots! #HDYGG

  2. You have such a pretty garden. Good to see you have a little helper too

  3. Love that ladder idea! It already looks goo but when they are in full bloom it's going to look awesome-sauce! I've got a fab book that came through the post randomly recently called Garden LAB for kids - full of ideas for fun way and thins to do with kids in the garden - I must blog a couple of ideas form the book as its a good book :) So good to see little ones outdoors being part of it all - I'm really inspired to do more with mine at the moment, really getting my gardening pants on at the moment! Thanks for joining in again - loving the photos (and the super cute gardening set!)

  4. Ha. You may have solved my problem. We are planting up old welly boots, but newest pup likes to redistribute everything. Maybe I need to hide them at the top of a ladder! Yours looks very promising. Beautiful blooms. #HDYGG

  5. what a handsome helper and i adore your ladder idea inspired #hdygg

  6. beautiful! and we garden in our pajamas a lot too :)

  7. Great that you're getting your kids involved in growing stuff too! Lovely family and lovely garden

  8. Love your photos and the ladder is fab xxx

  9. Ohh your ladder pot display is super. Mich x #HDYGG

  10. lovely photos! I particularly love the ladder display, such a great use of space! x

  11. Great photos - I love to see kids gardening, it's a great activity for them to get involved with! #HDYGG


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