National Gardening Week ~ How To Make Garden Sign Posts

Not all work in the garden needs to be about planting and sowing, some times it’s nice to throw a little crafting in too, especially if the kids can get involved.

We decided to make some sign posts using scraps of wood and a few craft items, this was a fun craft for the boys and I to work on together.

How to Make Garden Sign Posts


Step 1. Make the arrows, we used scraps of wood. Make sure a responsible adult does any sawing!

I decided to use driftwood as the posts, rather than regular ol’ wooden sticks.

How to make garden sign posts

Step 2. Paint the arrows, and allow to dry.

How to make garden sign posts, painted arrows

Step 3. Use decorations or pens to add labels to the arrows.

How to make garden sign posts, adding words

How to make garden sign posts,decorated arrows

Step 4. Use hot glue to attach the arrows to the driftwood. Again, make sure this is done by someone responsible! Allow to dry.

How to make garden sign posts, glue gunning

How to make garden sign posts, drying glue

Step 5. Plonk the sign posts in the garden!

How to make garden sign posts, in the garden

We created a little ‘woodland’ haven for bugs, using lumps of driftwood and pinecones, this is situated between two Belfast sinks.

How to make garden sign posts, bugs wooden hideout

Hope you and your little ones have fun making some garden signs!

national gardening week


  1. These are soooo cute! I can't wait til I move to somewhere with a garden! Then i'll have to give them a try :)

  2. Oh they look fantastic!! I love the fonts you've used and the colours. Really lovely! x

  3. I want to come Fairy finding in your garden!!
    Btw. Where did you find someone responsible to help??? Pahaha x

  4. Oh! I just love these!!! I need to go find me some wooden arrows!


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