National Gardening Week

I wanted to combine two things I’m rather passionate about, gardening and recycling. The two actually go hand in hand really rather well.

national gardening week

We decided to use some unwanted tin buckets and a mini BBQ which had seen better days as planters.

Recycled Planters

what you need for recycled plant containers

recycling containers for the garden

Step 1. Once you have decided which containers to use, {welly boots, tin cans, tyres or Belfast sinks all make for excellent plant containers, ask your children for any suggestions} use a hammer and nail to add some drainage holes {a responsible adult should do this part}.

Fill the bottom with pebbles for extra drainage.

making drainage holes in garden containers

Step 2. Add compost to the containers, leaving 2cms or so between the top of the compost and the rim of the containers.

Add seeds and bedding plants to the containers, follow the instructions for your particular plants for best growing options.

sprinkle of seeds

adding bedding plants to recycled containers

Step 3. Situate the containers in their resting place.

I left the BBQ containers on the decking, and placed the smaller tin buckets on various steps of an old wooden ladder which we got from a salvage yard, once the flowers start to bloom the ladder will be full of colour!

recycled garden planters and ladder display

What type of containers would you use in the garden? Perhaps some unwanted toys would make a great display!


  1. This looks so gorgeous! What a fab idea, I wish I was more green fingered I'm rubbish in the garden! L x


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