New & Improved

These words instil fear in me like few others.

Once you see them printed on the packaging of a once beloved item, you may as well give up and go home.

Few things with those misleading words ever end up actually being improved. There may well be less salt or blah in the product, but it’s no longer the product people loved.

The other day I had a hard-core craving for dry roasted peanuts, random I know, and not even close to Christmas which we know is the traditional time of year for all things dry roasted and peanutty, but I digress..…I needed peanuts so I grabbed a bag from Sainsburys.

I saw those words and thought “meh…how much damage could they have done?!” I mean, it’s peanuts with stuff on them, there’s really not much they could have changed!

But change they did.

In a scientific survey {answered by me} it was clearly established that in order for a peanut to be labelled as ‘dry roasted’ it need that powdery stuff on it, all over it, with so much that you even get some left over in the bag.

if it aint brokeSo imagine my utter dismay and devastation when I tore open the bag only to discover that Sainsburys in their ‘infinite wisdom’ decided to do away with the coating!


There is now just a pathetic smear of something nasty tasting on each nut, {hehehe} which is neither dry nor roasted in taste.


In all seriousness, I was ticked off.

I’m not sure how companies decide which products need improving, and who decides when something is better than previous versions, no ones ever asked me, but I do wish they’d stop messing around.


  1. Surely you know by now that the masses aren't allowed to make decisions for themselves! It's a case of 'you'll get what you're given'.. Especially peanut-wise by the looks of it ;)

  2. Have you tried new and improved Kellogs Special K?? Definitely not improved!! I'm with you on this!

  3. I can completely relate to this. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!!! I can't think of an example but I've felt like this countless times. Hate it when things I love change x


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