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My children are undeniably awesome, I maybe slightly biased,  but as I made them it’s my prerogative.

On the last day of school before the Easter holidays started, the boys charged out of school, book bags flying and arms waving dramatically in the air, clutching their bronze star certificates.

excited boys

They get ‘Star of the day’ certificates for good behaviour and a whole host of other things, and once they have X number of ‘stars’ they get a big ol’ A4 laminated certificate AND A STAR!


Considering all the hassle and BS the boys have experienced at school I’m so incredibly, ridiculously proud of them.

~Linking up with the lovely Suzanne for this weeks Loud and Proud~

3 Children and It


  1. Ah that's amazing! And I just love their excited little faces, means so much to kids doesn't it? What stars :) Thanks for linking up to #loudnproud. x

  2. Oh yay! Well done boys!! Such a proud moment :) x

  3. Wow, that's awesome! Well done to both of them, their faces say it all :) Proud mummy moment indeed! #loudnproud

  4. Wow, that's super cool! Well done to them!! Lovely photos :) x

  5. That's fantastic, well done to them! I know you've been through a lot of hassle with the school, so this looks like a positive sign that things are starting to settle down.

  6. That was me, Sarah Mum of Three World making that last comment btw, logged in on wrong account. Doh!

  7. Fantastic, they look so happy with their stars! :D A massive well done to them x

  8. This post makes me so so so so SO happy xxx


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