The Day The Music Died

I distinctly remember when I was little girl not believing I would ever have to grow up, life was just too fun being a child to bother with those things parents and old people concerned themselves with.

{I still believe this today}

Whether it was innocent naivety or some forewarning that my adulthood wouldn’t be a bed of roses, I lived in a world I loved and I knew I didn’t want it to change.

But change it did.

Primary school gave way to Middle and then High school, college got me for a while, I even dabbled a bit in being a drifter before settling in to work and stumbling rather ungracefully in the world of grown ups and broken dreams.

Along the way one thing has played an important part, music.

From listening to the Top 40 on the radio, the amazement of getting Sky Tv and seeing MTV for the first, flicking through my dad’s ridiculously large vinyl collection to going to see bands play at the Astoria, ….music was everywhere.

In my late teens I discovered a wonderful place.

A place I felt at home, met like minded people, where I could listen to my type of music and discover new bands.

It was The Peel.

Whatever night you went you were guaranteed to be entertained, whether the regular Friday night Twang Show, the mellower Sunday cheese fest or a live band night, the atmosphere was guaranteed to be amazing and entertaining.

There were no worries about dress codes, if you wanted to be left alone or indulge in the friendships you’d made, either was fine.

The staff were some of the friendliest around, even the scary biker vest wearing MC card holding bouncers at the door were cool.

The music was excellent, the memories better.

At a time when the media and teeny boppers are obsessed with the Beibers of the world it’s a sad day when yet another venue where original bands could play to an audience thirsty for something new, original and raw have been forced to close its doors.

The Peel was one of those places I always expected to be there; its been a live venue for some of the best up and coming progressive bands around, it’s an icon in the music world that will leave a void.

I wish I could be there one last night; to witness the Mosh Pit when Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody starts to play, sit on the picnic tables chatting nonsense, bop along to NIN’s Closer and stumble out the fire doors to the 131 bus stop to The Simpsons closing theme clutching my pint of Snakebite in a fluorescent plastic pint glass….

I’m reminded tonight why I never wanted to grow up.

jon twang patrick

“Come join us for a final farewell to a venue which has been a major part of all of our lives… So, One Final Time. The Twang Show at The Peel Kingston.

April 26th. It'll be Old School so loads of Classic Rock and Glam and Metal old school style. Fear Factory, Sepultura, K*ll 11 This, Biohazard, Bloodhound Gang, Beasties, Early Limp Bizkit, Classic Korn, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Soundgarden, M.L.B.Stone Temple Pilots, a load of Punk and all ya fave Mosh Pit Anthem. If we do it like we used to back in the day, they'll be no need to demolish the building.

We're quite capable of doing that ourselves”

The Peel 1939 ~ 2014 Its been emotional


  1. We had a place like this. It was called The Greyhound, or affectionately *the dog*. Its where I picked up my Mr, a quarter of a century ago! Weirdly enough.....its a vets now xx

  2. I grew up in Kingston but moved away when I was 18 so didn't really get to experience The Peel. I never went although had friends that never went anywhere else. What an end of an era!
    Strange to see a post 'so close to home'! x


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