The Week That Was…

Missed for a few weeks!

I’ve missed a couple of weeks, for no exciting reason or anything, other than I was just a little ‘meh’ about blogging.

So, I think it’s been 3 weeks and a lot of umm….nothing much has happened.

We’ve had {in no particular order} birthdays, family days, vomiting, colds, ice cream, awards, laughs, blossom, gardening, beach days, jumping on beds, sunset walks, cake, new flip flops, bedtime stories, Kinder eggs, Mothers Day, Spiderman onesies, splashing in puddles, random singing & jazz hands, laundry, rolling down hills, dancing in the street, lots of plasters, Lego, naked bum days, balloons, tears, sunglasses, lazy days in the park and a whole heap more going on.

their favourite spot

the bestest time of day

last day of school

day at the beach

dancing with a busker


beach afternoon

at the park

after school fun

after school fun

a few of my favs

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  1. Oh my goodness, what amazing pictures! I just love them, couldn't pick out which are my favourites but the sunset on the pier is just gorgeous. Looks like you've had a wonderful few weeks and sometimes a bit of time off blogging is good for our soul!

  2. Wow the boys look they've had a great time! Have a lovely week x #TWTWC

  3. Beautiful pics, beautiful family!

  4. Wow, busy week and what an amazing collection of photos!! #theweekthatwascaptured

  5. Wow what a busy 3 weeks. I love the way you set out your photos with the text too x

  6. Lots of gorgeous photos!! I love Seb the snail :) Are you less "meh" about blogging now?

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx


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