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One of my most favourite things about our home is how we make it fit the personalities under its roof.

Now that the children have discovered Marvel and DC superhero's, we need to incorporate some superhero decor around the place. We were going to wallpaper the kids room, we even got some samples, only to discover Ahren and Ethan continue to draw and scribble over the walls. Le sigh.

I don’t mind too much, I used to do it and know they will eventually grow out of it.

But I do refuse to go to the expense and effort of wallpapering their bedroom just for it to be scribbled on.

I have some limits!

So with wallpaper samples and some blank canvas’s I set to on a little DIY project.

How To Make Wallpaper Wall Art

how to diy wallpaper canvas wall art

Step 1. Discover scribbles on wall, thus rendering your plans to wallpaper kids bedroom useless until they grow out of it.

Step 2. Cut, snip and chop the wallpaper.

You can either cut out specific images or just tear it up for a more rugged decoupage look.

cropped wallpaper


Step 3. I used hot glue, but really any kind kind of strong glue will work, cover backs of images in glue and adhere to the canvas. I played about with placement for a while before finally settling on placements I liked, then I used the glue!

Step 4. Allow all the glue to dry.

adhered to canvas

Step 5. Display somewhere for everyone to see!

bedroom shelf with DIY wallpaper canvas

canvas on top of shelf

Must admit, I’m rather pleased with it, took five minutes, cost nowt and still looks impressive!


  1. Marvellous! You know what...I bought a blackboard to affix to the kids' bedroom wall and told them they were allowed to draw on that...and neither of them scribbled anywhere else!

  2. Oh this is great! We are huge Marvel/Comic book/Superhero fans and this looks great - Easily changeable as tastes change too! Love it x

  3. Cute idea, and totally adaptable for any theme!


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