8 Skills Every Parent Needs

As I lay in bed at 2.54am listening to Ethan trying to cough, sleep and talk to his brother all at the same time, I started to think of some of the skills I maybe, should have developed before becoming a parent.

Parenting is hard work, scary, disgusting, rewarding, frequently amazing and often times a thankless task but one which is ultimately a pleasure and privilege to experience.

It always amazes me there is no test required to actually become a parent, you don’t even technically, legally need to be an adult.

So, whilst my sleep deprived brain flitted between thoughts of pancakes and duvets {ohhh a duvet made of pancakes} I pondered what skills we should have before being allowed to be parents…obviously there are others, perhaps even more important ones, but these are what struck me as important as I counted down the minutes before I had to resume vomit clean up duty.

Skills every parent might need

What skills do you wish you had before embarking on parenthood? Please don’t be too sensible, I’m much too tired for sensible!

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  1. Ha! Bullshit detector! I love it!! x

  2. I love this....I'm going to try to hone these skills for when our time comes!!! #PoCoLo

  3. I think I'd go for second guessing what services my kids are going to require next! Just because mine are older, doesn't mean it's any easier!
    Fabulous post hun x

  4. *The Look* everyone needs one. My look even works on strangers and grown ups .lol xx

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  6. The ability to sing loudly in tune - currently to Frozen

  7. The ability to manage without sleep - still working on that after 7 years.

  8. I'm still working on the 'bull shit detector'....got it down to a fine art with one of mine but the other two are a mystery! Fab post :)


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