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This past weekend I was on of the lucky bloggers to be taking part in #MorrisonsMum MorrisonsDad Bank Holiday promotion.

With £80 in my pocket we hit up our local Morrisons with the aim of creating a wonderful Bank Holiday feast.

Before stepping in to Morrisons I came up with a ‘rough’ menu then used mysupermarket to see how the prices compared. I was impressed with the overall price comparison, especially when you take in to account the missing items from the other stores. Delivery charges don’t bother me as we rarely do a shop using the delivery service.

switch and save

morrisons.jpfWe’ve been to the store many times so whilst we’re familiar with the layout etc, I’m always impressed with the cleanliness, availability of shopping carts and baskets, the general decor {love the oversized posters they have} and of course the magic stairs {escalators to you and me}.

After pootling round the store, picking the items on the list {and a few that weren’t} it was time to head to the check out.

Normally I detest self checkout service tills, but there is just something about the Morrisons self checkout service tills that doesn’t send me in to a fit of rage yelling at the machine, however with the number of items we had I decided to go to a check out till with a human!

I wish I got the young ladies name, because she was lovely, so helpful and kept the boys entertained with questions and random chat whilst I got in a panic trying to pack shopping in to bags.

morrisons food

Once we got home it was time for lunch and we dived right in to making use of the items we’d bought. Wanting something quick and easy we had ‘bake at home’ baguettes with cream cheese and ham. Simple but oh so goooood. These worked out to be 94p each, not bad at all!

Dinner was one of hubs go to pasta dishes; {I’ll post the recipe later, it’s so good} fresh peppers, pasta, feta cheese, cucumber, lemon, pine nuts, olive oil and chopped bacon all combined to make a delicious pasta dinner, we always make extra as it keeps for a few days and makes an excellent lunch. This dish came to about £1.26 per portion.

Breakfasts are usually a chaotic affair with none of us having the same things!

I wanted croissants with were just yummy and at 32p for a Morrisons Signature All Butter Croissant, you can’t go wrong.



The boys wanted their daddy's homemade pancakes which are always a hit.

And hubs munched on some strawberries whilst he cooked for us.


With family coming to visit we had lunch out but made up for it with stuffed peppers for dinner; a combination of chopped peppers, mushrooms, onion, wild rice and a homemade sauce these came in at 77p per portion. The boys had some Morissons own brand tortellini stuffed with pumpkin and mozzarella, this was £1.25 per portion and as they actually began wrestling over the last few pieces, I’d say money well spent!

Bank Holiday Monday was our BBQ day, hurrah, so after a lazy brekkie of more Morrisons Signature All Butter Croissants, couldn’t let them go to waste, we set to on sorting the garden.

By the time BBQ o’clock came round we were all suitably hungry and ready to be impressed.

bbq food

We had a selection of BBQ items which were in a 3 for £10 offer, peppered steaks, beef shish kebabs and sausages. With burger buns, sauces and cheese slices {hubs is such a child} each portion came to around 55p per portion.

Apparently you don’t need the Firecracker sauce on the peppered steaks, you will however need tissues to mop up the tears of laughter you shed whilst laughing at face of pain on whoever decides to have the two together!



Fancying something light for puds, I made a strawberry and banana smoothie.

washing strawberries

sliced strawberries and bananas

strawberry and banana smoothie

I added a blob of ice cream just because I could. Each  yummy serving totalled around 50pence.

yummy smoothie

~We have shopped in Morrisons many times, and having explored more of their own ranges on this latest shopping trip we will continue to do so, whilst making the most of their recent price cuts and own brand produce~

~Whilst we were supplied £80 in Morrisons coupons for this shopping trip all words and opinions expressed are my own~coupons


  1. That certainly does look like a lovely feast. Thanks for the feedback on your Morrisons experience. Commenting for myself @kateonthinice and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part


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