Blogging & Originality

Have you ever wondered just how much originality there is in blogging?

I was reading a ‘How To’ post on another blog and was startled by the comments, a commenter, naturally one who wanted to remain anonymous was reprimanding the blogger for her ‘How To’.

The ‘How To’ detailed how to make a rather lovely geometric garland, nothing overly fancy, something most of us could whip up in an afternoon with a few supplies.

It was a garland the likes of which I’ve seen all over blogs Pinterest and paper craft magazines, an attempt to find the original designer would I assume prove fruitless. Because really, how many of us have strung paper / fabric together to make a garland?

I made one similar way back in April 2012, no idea who or what the inspiration was, or maybe it was just a natural progression from all the bunting garlands I’d been making!

trio of paper garlands

When inspiration is all around us, how easy is it to identify the exact source of the inspiration?!

But I digress…. the commenter was scolding the blogger for copying a designers work, which whilst wrong, it is not always the case that a blogger has simply copied a designer.

This got me to thinking about how much originality there really is in blogging.

Certainly there are blogs which are similar, whether it’s the topics covered, linkys hosted, the style of writing or the actual aesthetics of a blog.

But does it necessarily mean that one blogger has copied another, or perhaps has one just been hit with a burst of inspiration a little later than someone else?

What do you think; whether it’s posts on parenting, fashion or How To’s, are we all just copying or have we got a unique voice in the world of blogging?


  1. I see the same topics over and over again. With any blogs - Parenting, lifestyle, food, craft there is only so much content you can post that won't have been covered before. We all overlap somewhere along the way.

    1. I agree entirely, it's refreshing to get a different view on the same topic be it potty training, coffee mugs or gin!

  2. Life is overlapping! Creativity is a shared project! If we all were precious about our ideas, we wouldn't blog them in the first place, right? Fascinating post! And definitely one to think about... thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Exactly, the more we share {of anything} the more we grow!

  3. It's simple. Share and be gracious or don't put it out there in the first place expecting a copyright, patent or recognition for your part in a creative evolution for the rest of all time. I don't hear Alexander Bell or Thomas Crapper kicking up a stink every time some one uses a phone or uses the loo. If you want something for yourself, keep it to yourself. But what a sad and boring world it would be if we all did that. Obviously good to reference and show credit where credit is due if you can. But so many times I thought I had invented the newist awesomist thing, and a simple search on google will usually show me that it has already been done many, many times before. I've just looked up "Thomas Crapper" to be sure that I got the name write and he can't actually be solely credited for inventing the flush toilet. And this is what Wikipedia says: "As with many inventions, the flush toilet was the result of a long development. Therefore, instead of a single name and date, there follows a list of significant contributions to the history of the device." which I think sums it up nicely. I've also been reading about the artist Cezanne, and it is widely accepted and was encouraged to have fellow artist mentors that you would learn from, share ideas with and even copy. Some of his being: Manet, Monet and Pissarro. Share nicely kids.

  4. I think bloggers get inspired by one another too. There is a complete difference in plagiarising someone's exact post, specially if it's a poem or complete original work and therefore very obvious it's been nicked! To writing about the same parenting subject, or even pulling similar conclusions in a review… just gotta be happy with your corner of the blogosphere I say, there's probably no subject that hasn't been well trodden and won't continue to be! ;) xx

  5. I think we are all unique. Even though I could blog about this subject, my view of it may be different. Things change and evolve with each person. That's a good thing, I think xx


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