How Does Your Garden Grow…

…not very well with snails and slugs taking over and destroying EVERYTHING!

Urgh! What is the point of them? Really, what purpose do they serve?

I’m all for evolution of species, one day the rhino will turn into a pretty unicorn, but I just can’t imagine what a slug or snail will end up as!


Anyway, with the slugs and snails descending on the garden and chomping their way through everything I’m in a grump, mature I know, but the slimy buggers destroyed all the seedlings I had grown {stomps foot in frustration then runs screaming after hearing a crunch sound underfoot}.

Thankfully there are still a few pretties around the garden to lift my mood.


flowers in a rusty bucket

pink and white flowers

I’m stupidly excited that I still have actual living plants in the garden, usually by this time of year I’ve killed them all!

This dandelion is looking rather sad and sorry for itself.

absent wishes

leafy and dew drops

I seem to have a lot of pots breaking lately, between kids, stupid fat cats, crazy high winds and feuding Starlings my poor little pots are being battered and shattered.

broken pot

On that note I’m off to visit Mammasaurus to gaze longingly at all the gardens linked up to How Does Your Garden Grow


  1. Snails have just munched their way though my new sunflowers, grrr. I am glad my hens like to eat the snails, gives me great satisfaction. The rest of your garden, does look very pretty

  2. I am so in love with your photos! They are so good! #hdygg

  3. aren't they annoying! I haven't seen many in our garden (yet… I'm sure they're coming), but they do seem to collect on our clematis for some reason!

  4. If you scatter bran around plants the slugs and snails will eat that and then die. Needs replacing after rain though. Good luck with the battle.

  5. Well the snails and dandelions both look wonderful on your blog!
    I'm fighting battle with snails and slugs too -
    does anyone else think that the slugs are getting bigger each year, or is that just in my garden?!
    Emma :-)

  6. Beautiful Flowers hunnie... Loving all the purple :) Im not a fan of slugs or snails, they just little pests in my eyes ;) #HDYGG

  7. Stunning photos, Love the pinks & blues xxx

  8. Snails can go in the bin of Uselessness along with Ants as far as I'm concerned! (And I might even pop cats in there too)

    Loving the pretty petals, properly smile inducing eye candy :) Bugger to snails, cats and broken pots and huzzah for petals!

    thanks for joining in again :)

  9. Lovely pictures, even the snail (I have a son who rescues snails and rehomes them in the wisteria!).

  10. Use the pot! Smash it up some more and sprinkle the shards round the plants to protect from the snails. My kids seem to love snails. Me not so much. I think that bald dandelions look like plucked chickens. Glad that you've got some petals still!


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