How Does Your Garden Grow

…..sparsely, with the odd splash of colour.

I’m getting all excited about the garden again, yay!

The snails are being flung over the wall, sorry, but they have to go, and I’ve finally started to neaten it all up.

Furniture is being painted. Plants are blooming and we made a pretty darn awesome shelf doodah to put some pots on.

I’m ridiculously excited over this plant.

the one whos name i cant remember

My MIL gifted us this when we first moved in, 7 or so years ago, it was planted out and didn’t really do much, now it’s starting to flower up beautifully. And the smell is just gorgeous, love love love it.

dainty petals and buds

petals and pollen

Whilst taking these I somehow managed to disrupt a spiders nest, a billion baby spiders came running out of somewhere and scared the ever living hell out of me, I still feel gross from just seeing them all climbing over the fence. I may never feel clean again {shudders}.

flowers and buds

The other plants are continuing to do well, despite the snails best attempts at sabotage {hums Beastie Boys tune}.


I had a mad session digging up bulbs, seems I went a little OTT when planting them last year and there are just too many that they struggled to get established, so I dug, sifted, and replanted where possible.

too many bulbs

digging roots

I haven’t got much to show of the shelf we built, still prettying it up with flowers and pots.

cutting wood 

But, here’s a peek of it from the kitchen window.

garden shelf

Now I just need to fill it with pretty things!

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. I have very little tolerance for snails. When I first started growing strawberries I thought there was room in the garden for all living things...that was until the snails ate all the fruit! Now they get picked off at first site. Filling up your shelf with pretty things will be fun :)

  2. I did have a mantra about slugs all dying this week - until I found out it was little birds munching my lettuce. Now I'm all about searching BBC Good Food for Blue Tit Linguine recipes....

    Love your shelf - I'm really keen on doing something like this too at some point so I'll be peeking at yours for inspiration. On your blog obvs, I mean I won't be setting up stalker camp in your garden... Erm, I sound creepy now.

    Loving the blooms and your happy outlook - thanks for joining in and sharing!

  3. Oh I love that shelf. I always have garden envy when I see ones with pretty white walls and pots. We used to have a lot of snails but they seem to be less prevalent now - we removed a plant that they used to strip of leaves regularly which helped loads, but we are still a Hosta free zone because of their munching which is very annoying.

  4. Some lovely photos. We have snails and slugs galore in our garden. It is really frustrating. They go over the wall here too.

  5. Yesterday I was taking some photos of roses in a park here. DOing macro shots means I have to go as near as I can to get the details that I want. One things that I can remember is how sweet the smell is. The sweet scent is blowing on my face as theres a soft breeze. I just remembered the smeel after reading about your post. Flowers and gardens are not just for the eyes no? They just give our senses so much to experience =) #HDYGG

  6. So what is that plant? It looks lovely as does the shelf thingymabob. Also is that a hanging pallet planter I spy in the corner? I would love to see more!

  7. Love the view out the window! Cute!

  8. I think you need to take your snails on a longer walk than over the garden fence, as they will just make they're way back again. I'm not quiet sure how far they need to go though!! I love your collages and you're view out of your window. #hdygg

  9. Ha ha, it's 20 metres you need to fling your snails. Just don't fling them my way please!!

  10. No don't fling the snails! I love snails, place them gently! ;-) xx

  11. Love the shelf, that is a great idea. Can't wait to see more. We have a big snail problem in the garden and I'm going to remove this straggly shrub that they all seem to hide behind and then slither out to eat my nice plants. We have been collecting them up in a basket and taking them on a little holiday :)


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