How Does Your Garden Grown

I’m in a stonking mood.

We’ve put a lot of effort in to making our garden a nice place to relax and enjoy time as a family. It’s been a real family effort and finally it’s starting to come together.

from the garden

And then the stupid fat cat {I’m not being mean, this cat is so over weight it broke our fence when it sat on it} dug up and pooped all over our freshly planted flowers and plants.

garden in bloom

It was gross, disgusting and urgh, it has really annoyed me. More so than it should, and I’m now in a rather petulant frame of mind. I will snap out of it and begin to once again enjoy our little garden.

ladybug and roots

Until then, here’s a few pic I took of dandelions on my walk yesterday, no idea why, something about then just called to me.

dew drops on a dandelion

{Not sure I’ve seen a dandelion with dew drops before, I most likely have, just never took notice, rather amazing how they manage to cling on to those delicate seeds}

dandelion from above

{This one was growing right on the beach, hardy little buggers!}

dew drops

{I think, possibly, maybe…at least for now, one of my favouritest photos I’ve taken}

pink banner

Does anyone have any useful tips on discouraging cats from your garden?

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  1. Squirt them with a water gun or garden hose

  2. Your photos of the dandelion with dew drops is amazing! Your ladder with pots on looks great :)

  3. The dandelion seed head covered in dew droplets is divine, so delicate - like a wonderful glass ornament.

  4. Those dandelion photos are amazing. Almost makes me not want to zap the ones in our lawn!

  5. fucking cat. kill it! just kidding... lol it would piss me off too

  6. the dandelions look absolutely beautiful! so nice #hdygg

  7. I am drooling over your macro shots =)
    That wet dandelion is really nice. My fave as well #HDYGG

  8. Ooh bad kitty! That photograph is indeed divine, well done, you should definately have it printed, it's a beaut!

  9. Cats in gardens are the devil - We once bought a 'Catter Scatter' which is a sensor device that sticks in the ground and you attach a garden hose to. Then when anything walks in it's path it sets off rapid fire water jets in that direction - totally cured us of cat poo probs!

    Love that ladder - it's looking grand - no wonder you've been loving the garden! Stunning dandelion photo - even though I am at war with them I have to admit it looks awesome :)

    Thanks for joining in again - here's to a cat free week ahead!

  10. omg that dandelion photo is friggin stunning! you need to get that blown up for the wall! the garden is looking amazing and as for cats...well we have a dog and that helps, although the dog does more damage than a truckfull of cats to be honest! But i found this for you.... FOX URINE? who knew you could buy that!

  11. Love the dandelion shots especially that last one. I know they are weeds but I always feel compelled to photograph them too! That ladder is pretty special too as are the flowers. We're a bit behind with getting the beds looking good but the lawn is in good shape!

  12. Wow! That may just be the best Dandelion shot EVER! I thought it was your own cat and I was thinking that was weird because I thought that cats don't normal poop in their own gardens. Which just adds to the infuriation- like so you are just letting your cat out to poop in MY garden??!! I wouldn't let my dog poop in yours! Why is it ok?! Take the turds and chuck them over the fence to the rightful owners. They can then consider getting a litter tray. Failing that, get or borrow a dog. Or get some tiger/lion poo from the nearest safari park and place around your garden. The little fat cat will then think there is a bigger, badder cat there and stay away. Don't get me wrong- I love cats- but not pooping in my garden for me and the kids to find their surprises. I fear a backlash of cat fans is about to be unleashed on me now! I wish you luck.

  13. oh dear, that cat sounds like a pain! love those dandelion shots, stunning!

  14. Wow, forget the lovely plants your dandelion photo is amazing and I love your ladder shelves. The only cat in our garden is our cat and she's quiet well behaved. I do know she doesn't like it at all when I peel an orange, so maybe putting orange peel out my put it off. #hdygg

  15. Don't get me started on cats! We get cats and they drive me crackers, there is nothing worse than having to clean up other peoples cat poo out of the garden! Such beautiful pictures you've shared x #HDYGG

  16. I've now read this post about 3 times! Still can't work out how you got that dandelion/dewdrop picture!? You are one talented mutha xxxx


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