Review ~ Man-Up Your Meals

If ever there was a book whose pages I wanted to lick, this would be it.

Man-Up Your Meals

parragon book review Man Up Your Meals


You can keep your salads and cakes, I want cheese, meat and chocolate, not all at the same time, that would be gross.

But with recipes like ‘Beer Waffles with Ham & Cheese’, ‘Texas Lone Star Chilli’ and ‘Peanut Butter S’Mores’ I don’t need anything else.

parragon book review Man Up Your Meals 1

‘Man-Up Your Meals’ is unashamedly a ‘recipe book for men, by men, full of real man food’, I’m no man but I can certainly see myself enjoying many of the recipes in the book, perhaps on a smaller scale.

‘Man-Up Your Meals’ is divided in to 4 chapters, each on chock full of recipes ideal for a Friday / Saturday night or when entertaining friends.

Chapter 1 ~ Snack Attack

The Bacon & Cheese Chips look ridiculously good and the Blazin’ Beef Tacos would actually make a decent meal as well as a ‘snack’.

parragon book review Man Up Your Meals bacon and cheese chips

This chapter also includes the all important instructions on How To Brew Your Own Beer, now I just need to start drinking beer!

Chapter 2 ~ Hunger Busting Man Meals

They had me at MeatLoaf, if you’ve never had a Meatloaf you need to remedy this ASAP. The Giant Meat Feast Pizza can be tinkered about with different ingredients to make your perfect pizza.

parragon book review Man Up Your Meals waffles

There is also the extremely handy section on How To Cook The Perfect Steak, from blue {ewww} to well done {yum ~ meat shouldn’t moo}.

Chapter 3 ~ Mega Puds

The all important pudding section, cause no mean is complete without pudding!

Note sure if Boozy Chocolate Cheesecake or the Pancake Peak is my winner, I should probably try them all just to make sure!

Chapter 4 ~ Get Set To Impress

This chapter is full of recipes ideal for bigger crowds, Whole Tandoori Chicken, Super Surf & Turf and a One Pot Clam Bake wont fail to impress.

parragon book review Man Up Your Meals collage

One of this books most redeeming features is that it acknowledges the recipes aren’t the most healthy. The Don’t Forget The Gym section recognises that whilst the carb-heavy , protein rich recipes maybe yummy, they also require regular exercise to keep things properly proportioned. Suggesting  a workout; whether at the gym, a jog, cycle or a game of football a few times a week whilst also providing a few exercise you can do at home is actually rather refreshing change.

parragon book review Man Up Your Meals dont forget the gym

Then there is The Big Eat Challenge

It pretty much does what is says, you eat BIG!

Whilst I don’t think this is a challenge I will do, the tips may well help some of the more adventurous among you!

Overall ‘Man-Up Your Meals’ is a wonderful recipe book, whilst I wouldn’t use recipes from it everyday, it has weekend treats aplenty!


  1. I am so glad you didn't write in this review 'Oh it's sexist and anti women, how can food just be for men?' blah blah blah.... *yawn*. The food looks amazing!! Stuff that I would love to eat as a treat, gimme that book now!!! x

  2. My teenager son and hubby would love this book, the trouble is my waist line would suffer :-)


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