School Run Drama

Life certainly throws up some awkward situations, which I somehow always seem to find myself in.

Up until recently I was taking the boys to school on the train, which necessitated in them walking 25 miles a week and me 50 miles, and you can bet your arse that we found ourselves in some ‘interesting’ situations.

We’ve had everything from lost shoes, face to crotch hugs {sooo embarrassing, for him and me}, asking a lady on the train if she was a witch, too many inappropriately innocent comments to strangers, bleeding feet, attempts to strip the lollypop lady, 4yr olds telling engineers off and helping the garbage truck guys collect wheelie bins, conducting inquisitions on strangers worthy of CIA / KGB awards, dancing in the rain, planking, dropped trousers, high fiving strangers and random bursts of singing and dancing. These are just a few of the things I’ve had to deal with on the school run.

Rather naively I thought that now the kids are getting the school bus there would be no drama.


I mean, all I have to do is walk them to the collection point, wait for the bus, chuck them on and BOOM. Job done.

But no.

Because nothing in life is ever that easy.

Especially my life.

So far, and please note they’ve only been getting the school bus for under 3 weeks, we’ve had… Ethan throwing himself at a random bloke for a cuddle {seriously thought he was going to climb the man}, forgotten school bags, dropped trousers with “whoo hoos”, declarations of love to a young girl, attempts at high fiving a car, more lost shoes, walking into glass doors, an attempt to pee in our garden, invites to random people to come home with us, chasing the school bus and this morning Ethan topped it all off by flashing my boobs to the bus driver and teacher.

I’m so glad half term starts soon, I need a rest from all the emotional drama that is our school runs.


  1. hahaha Sorry to laugh but it sounds like you've had some very funny moments! x

  2. Haha! They are so cheeky! xx

  3. lol! I love that they asked someone if they were a witch! made me giggle :))) x

  4. Oh wow! Your school run is more exciting than my whole life! I'm exhausted just reading about it! x


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