The Beach Life

Have I mentioned before that I love living by the sea?!

We are so close that on a stormy day we can hear the waves break and smell the salty water as it crashes on to the beach. Not much in life is better than opening the windows on a sunny day knowing that a few minutes walk will have you dipping your toes in the sand and strolling along without a care in the world.


One of our favourite times to spend as a family is when the tide is super low, like almost to the end of the pier low.

We were lucky enough to have one of these low tides the other afternoon.

Whilst I was strolling along, getting my toes wet the boys were being their usual crazy selves.

Chasing seagulls.

chasing seagulls

more chasing seagulls

Exploring rock pools.

crossing rock pools

exploring rock pools

Having a cuddle.


Playing with an abandoned spade.

fishing for a spade

a boat or a spade

Being amazed by their shadows.

shadows on water

Stepping on the ripples in the sand.

ripples in the sand

And finding hearts in the sand before the tide came back in.

heart in the sand

low tide low cloud

By the time the tide started to turn we had two very tired and soggy boys, apparently they could only get home via piggy back as their legs were sleepy!

I do love how the beach tuckers them out, they slept so well!


  1. Wow! I'm jealous!!

    This looks like an awesome place to live and for your kids to grow up. I grew up by the sea (not this close - couple of miles) and I miss the coast. I 'stupidly' moved inland and stayed there. I took it for granted when I was growing up. Your pics are having me pining for lungfuls of salty fresh sea air!

  2. I like the coast but not in the middle of summer. No, I like it at sunrise or sunset and in winter. It's why I don't want to live right on the coast but we are close enough to visit when I want to.

  3. Living by the sea - nothing better. Elinor x


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