The Simple Things ~ Appreciating Another Sunset

It’s been an emotionally draining week. The kids have had an awful bug; they’ve lost weight, not slept, barely eaten, vomited everywhere and just been so unwell they’ve cried a lot as they don’t really understand what is going on.

I’ve felt so helpless at not being able to do more, mama cuddles can only do so much.

Yesterday evening I was exhausted; disturbed nights, worry and no doubt picking up a bit of the bug myself finally caught up with me and I decided an early night was necessary.

As I was getting ready for my early night I glanced out the window, I’m rather fortunate to be able to see the South Downs from my bed, makes for a lovely view, anyway, I saw the most beautiful beginnings of sunset.

As I sat on my bed I finally started to feel the first waves of calm I’ve experienced all week, it was so nice to finally ‘let go’ of all the pent up worry I’ve had over the boys and just breath.

As I watched the sky fill with beautiful clouds… an abundance of colours appeared…burnt oranges, purples, reds and blues it was amazing and such a stunning reminder that yes, my week has been crap and not what I had hoped for, but I was fortunate enough to be ending it with my bubbas relatively healthy, happy and whole.

It’s amazing what a little nature can do to remind you just how lucky you are, seeing the sunset was beautiful reminder that I  was fortunate to have that day to make memories and enjoy life, not everyone who woke up yesterday made it to see the sunset, I’m humbled that I had that privilege.

As Louis Armstrong says “What a wonderful world…”

sunset 4

sunset 2

sunset 1


  1. We do have to stop and look at the world outside our window, don't we? Lovely pics.

  2. amazing , your photography is amazing !

    1. Thank you darling, shhh don't tell anyone but I took those through a dirty window!

  3. Beautifully put. Made me shut up and just stop and think for a bit too. Hope next week is a bit easier for you. :)

  4. What a gorgeous views. Sunsets always make me feel better too x

  5. Those are lovely photos. I think even with all the things I worry about, it'd be hard not to forget about them with a view like that. Hope your little ones feel better soon!

  6. Oh bless. Hope the boys are feeling better and you are ok x

  7. I wish I lived in a place where I could appreciate these type of things. If I stare too long out of any of my windows I look like a perv, because all I can see are other houses. Glad it made you calm though xx


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