The Weeks That Were…


It’s been a lovely few weeks of just….awesomeness.

Fewer tantrums from the kids about going to school, they really did hate the school run, can’t blame them at all. It’s amazing the difference the school mini bus has made to their enthusiasm for school.

I’ve managed to take some time out for me, just pootling around town and appreciating the wonderful place I live.

We’ve had some lovely days out…the four of us have had some wonderful trips to the beach, most of which resulted in welly boots full of water and two soggy boys needing piggy backs home. Good times!

week highlights

The boys had their first go on a proper fair ground ride, they loved it! Once I got over the initial fear of it all, it was so fun to watch them scream their heads off!

We we’re swooning over the cars and motorbikes at Eastbourne's Magnificent Motors, I seriously need to start a classic car collection, sod shoes and handbags!

more highlights  

We were spoilt rotten taking part in the BritMum / Morrisons promotion, my tummy is content and full! Hours have been spent getting the garden in some type of ship shape for the ‘warmer’ and longer days…..I’m too scared to see the damage from all the crazy wind last night!

I’ve been practising my photography, can you tell?! Meh probably not, but hey ho!

 nature highlights

We’ve had some lovely days with family and friends, truly blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives.

And of course the boys have been their usual bat arse crazy selves {wouldn’t have them any other way} but their shenanigans deserve a post of their own!

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  1. A lovely collection of photographs. It is lovely to get a bit of time out isn't it! Have a lovely week x #TWTWC

  2. Lovely photos Amanda :) I'm so glad the minibus is making a difference - you sound a lot more chilled out too.

    Thank you so much for linking up to #TWTWC xx


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