The Weeks That Were…


I’m utterly fed up, half term is all but over, school uniforms ready, book bags packed and back to routine we stumble. We’ve done nothing this half term, a day out rained off then the boys fell ill with flu. It hit them bad, they’ve both lost weight, their sleeping is screwed up and the exhaustion is evident in them both.

snot monsters

I’m frustrated that my time with my kids has in a sense been ruined and as soon as they’re better it’s back to school.


Any way, it’s been a crazy few weeks. We had some wonderful afternoons at the beach before half term, with the boys being on top form in both cuteness and hilarity.

fun with the boys at the beach

It was rather lovely to see so many people enjoying the beach.


a view with a pier

Since reducing my meds {going surprisingly well so far}the other week I’ve been making an effort to get out the house everyday, on these walks I’ve been admiring the gorgeous flowers which are in bloom.

beautiful blooms

We found a new use for the easel the boys had, we separated it in 2 and ta dah, they both had their own easels in the garden for an impromptu painting session.

art time in the garde

We’ve finished the half term on a bit of a high note, the boys and I saw the Eastbourne carnival, Ethan has now decided he wants to be in a marching band!

eastbourne sunshine carnival

I fear I shall never have a peaceful weekend again!


  1. Here's hoping the boys are all better. Funny how we miss the chaos when they're under the weather!

  2. Love all those different flowers xx


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