How Does Your Garden Grow…

….fine until a stupid fat cat goes in there!

Gah! I want to scream and scream and scream. Then stomp my foot and kick over a plant pot.

The daft old fat cat has been back to the garden and it has smooshed my pride and joy.

I planted out some pansy's a while ago, nothing fancy but for my black thumbed self, I’ve been impressed with how they have grown.


And then the fat cat decided to make a bed in them! I can’t even show you a pic, I’m too upset.

They are totally ruined, all just broken stems and flattened foliage. I’m actually really pissed off, they boys know not to damage the plants or flowers when playing {accidents happen which is fair enough}, but this bloody cat just waltzes in and BOOM makes itself at home.

A happy camper I am not.

Phew! Now that is out the way on to some more pleasant things…


I’m somehow growing Fuchsias!

a fuchsia waiting to bloom

delicate fuchsia

Fuchsias baby!

I don’t know what kind of witchcraft is going on but it’s working. I adore these beautiful delicate flowers, they always remind me of little fairy ballerinas in their pretty dresses.

I’ve always wanted to grow these, my grandpa was a horticulturist with the RHS specialising in fuchsias and geraniums, so being able to see some growing in our garden is just lovely.

Whilst I’ve been flitting between ‘yay’ and ‘boo’ regarding the state of the garden the majority of the flowers have continued to do their own thing, which is just as well. As I really don’t know what half the things are, which does admittedly make for a nice surprise when flowers suddenly go all bloomy.

pretty petals

We’ve had a new addition to the garden…..we seem to have acquired a duck pond!


Whilst Quackers and his chums were busy playing dead I’ve been tending to the more practical side of gardening…chopping things down with shears!

This is one of my most favourite of all gardening jobs, seriously LOVE IT.

At one point the wall below was covered, and I mean covered so much you couldn’t see the brick wall, in Clementis, until I hacked it all away. This week I began thinning out some of the green stuff, it’s all a bit chock a block there, and I discovered more fuchsias!

garden wall

the hidden fuchsia

I somehow managed to drown some pansy’s, not having much luck with those this week!

The poor plants were just sodden and there was no coming back, I did however manage to salvage some petals.

a selection of petals and blooms

I’ll be posting what I did with these little pretties soon.

A rather up and down week in the garden really, I was cheered up when I saw this gorgeous burst of yellow.

Something about yellow always makes me happy!

bright yellow petals

Fingers crossed the cat doesn’t venture in to the garden this week!


  1. Sorry to hear about the cat (again)! Have you tried putting some pepper down? Your garden is looking great. I'm also growing Fuchsias this year but yours are further ahead than mine, can't wait to see them flower.

  2. I think your garden looks glorious, Amanda. Bummer about the cat though. xx

  3. I have a special patch just for our cat which she very helpfully does actually use, although I did spot her in one of my containers the other day where she was swiftly removed. But on a lighter note for you, the colours are lovely and I love the image of the salvaged petals-that's beautiful.

  4. i think you need to get a cat as it will scent your garden and scare off the fat cat that or a crocodile :) even for all the fat cats work your garden is lovely

  5. These are such pretty pictures, it is lovely to see how flowers come from not a lot to blooming! The pansies are lovely x #HDYGG

  6. Ahhhh petal love! I'm sniffing the screen here (not for that fricking cat though)... Chopping with shears is one of my great garden loves - I go totally over the top and never think about how I am going to dispose of everything I've lopped until after I've finished and am staring at a huge hill of branches and thorns.
    *passes nerf gun for feline action*
    Thanks for joining in again - I'm still cheesing over that petal photo - can't wait to see what you did with them!

  7. Awwww I hope the cat will respect your garden. You have so many pretty blooms there and its really heartbreaking if any of those will get flattened. #hdygg

  8. Sorry to hear about the cat. Grrr! Your garden looks very similar to mine - similar flowers (which I also don't know the name of!) and a red brick wall and trellis :)

  9. I just love that shot of the petals - just can imagine the beautiful fragrance. And I'm a huge fan of fuchsias. Years and years ago I bought the biggest fuschia plant ever on the last day at the Chelsea Flower Show when you can buy plants at huge should have seen the looks as I carried it across the bridge to my car.

  10. Argh Cat! Be on yer way! I love flower surprises in the garden too and just this evening I brought some fallen Poppy petals to play with too and wishing them to last for the morning for the children. Looking forward to seeing what you have done!

  11. love the petal photo, just lovely. poor pansies, what a naughty cat!

  12. Ah this is lovely Amanda - such beautiful, colourful photographs. Like you, I'm pretty 'black fingered' and gardening is definitely not my forte. Looks like you're taking to it....better than the cat anyway!

  13. Oooh - bad kitty. We have the same problem with window boxes so now I plant up small terracotta pots but these are difficult to keep watered in the hot weather - sigh ... and we have 4 marauding cats!

  14. I have a terrier that often does the same thing as daft old fat cat. Very annoying. Love the picture of the petals, they look so beautiful.

  15. Oh no, shame about the cat. I wouldn't be too happy either. The Pansy petals look really pretty, love the pic of them.


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