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Oh where oh where has Summer gone?!

This year she is being such a tease; here one day and then disappearing without a word for weeks on end.

I’m not sure our relationship will last, Autumn is quickly becoming my favourite of all seasons.

The only saving grace Summer has is the abundance of wild flowers growing along the seafront.

Flowers along the seafront a mix of wild flowers

The variety of type and colour is impressive and bountiful.

Needing to escape the house, I took a somewhat poorly Ethan out for some fresh air; sea air cures everything after all, and we took a gentle stroll along the beach.

It did us both some good and gave me chance to snap some photos of these gorgeous flowers.

I just love love love this flower about to open up.

Flowers along the seafront star to flower

The humble Poppy is quickly becoming a favourite of mine, so delicate and pretty.

Flowers along the seafront a poppy about to burst

Flowers along the seafront poppy flowers

Carnations!! What the what? Wild carnations, who’d have thunk it!

Flowers along the seafront wild carnations

Even the spikey looking buds are stunning in appearance.

Flowers along the seafront thorns 

Flowers along the seafront spikey

We saw a cheeky little pigeon gathering some twigs for a nest.

Flowers along the seafront pigeon finding nest matterials

Flowers along the seafront red lilly

 Flowers along the seafront pink bloomsFlowers along the seafront purple petals

These petals are just so delicate looking.

Flowers along the seafront pale petals on brick

No patch of wild flowers would be complete without a group of daisy's.

Flowers along the seafront daisys

Aren’t these wonderful, the jagged petals are a lovely contras to the more traditional rounded ones.

Flowers along the seafront violets

“He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me…..”

Flowers along the seafront giant daisy

I snapped this one just we were heading home.

Flowers along the seafront thorns by the sea

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  1. Those photos are fabulous - such beautiful flowers. I am loving the flowers this year because I have so many in my garden and I just keep discovering new ones.

  2. What great photos. Love the last one. Are they Teasels (apologies for bad spelling!) x

  3. I, too, live near the sea and am always amazed at the variety of flowers growing wild. Lovely images - I particularly like the sea holly.

  4. Loving these and it's so interesting to see the mix of gardens, plants and surroundings that each of us have from Claudia in Miami to you by the coast. Wild carnations? Awesomeness. Colours galore everywhere at the moment, really uplifting shizzle. Poppies are my new fave - I need to try and hunt some down soon before they all bugger off again.

    Thanks for joining in sausage x

  5. PS. I do hope you aren't vegetarian or that would have really offended you!

  6. I love coastal plants and flowers-always so delicate looking yet so incredibly tenacious and full of gorgeousness.

  7. those first poppies are so pretty!

  8. Such beautiful Sea Holly! I love seeing wild flowers, they look so pretty :-) have a lovely week x #HDYGG

  9. LUSH! I love those hairy Poppies! Seeing these beautiful shots, I have decided that I need some sea air soon!

  10. Fabulous photos. I love the structure of flowers. So varied and so beautiful. You've found some wonderful examples. #HDYGG

  11. I havent gone all out with my #hdygg entry and I miss using the camera when I saw your post. Lovely pictures! I need to go out and take some photos now =P

  12. beautiful! you have some really interesting flowers in your area.

  13. I love sea holly and it looks striking in that last photo. Love seaside flowers.


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