How to add dingbats to photos in PicMonkey

Oh how I love a good font, and dingbats…don’t even get me started.
Unless you are a creative wiz on the ol’ Photoshop it can be difficult to add that ‘something’ extra to a picture, but with the nifty new ‘Yours’ option that PicMonkey have added to their Font selection, we can all have a go. Hurrah!
It couldn’t be easier, but just in case here’s a quick How To
How to add dingbats to pictures using PicMonkey
How to add dingbats to pictures using picmonkey
Step 1. Once you have you photo opened up in PicMonkey click on the text tab.
Step 2. Now that your fonts are available you can choose whether or not you want to use PicMonkey fonts or your own, for this you want to click on the ‘Yours’ tab.
Step 3. Select the font you want to use.
Step 4. Click on the ‘Add Text’ tab and select the dingbat or dingbats you want to use.
Step 5. You can edit the size, rotation and colour of the dingbats in the same way you do text.
arrow border
Here you can see I added a balloon which Ahren seems to have let go of, silly boy!
How to use dingbats in picmonkey
Depending on the selection of dingbats you have the possibilities really are endless!
As with most things…less is more, so have fun with it, but don’t swamp your photos in little icons, we still want to see your pics!
Here’s another I messed around with, I can just imagine these are some of the things Ahren dreams of!
what little boys dream
If you’re looking for a selection of dingbats dafont is a fab place to look for them, I’ve also started a little Pinterest board where you might find something you like.

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  1. You are so clever! Thanks for sharing this, I didn't know PicMonkey had updated!! Amazing! x


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