How To ~ Being Silly

So, day two of the blog prompts is…Educate us on something you know a lot about or are good at.

First thought is that I’m no good at anything nor do I know anything I can share due to all those ‘non disclosure, super top secret never tell another living soul what you did, heard or saw EVER’ letters I’ve had to sign.

But I must know something, right?!

Well, I do know how to nibble off all the chocolate from a Malteser without biting into the honey comb bit, but without a packet of them here, I probably can’t do a post on this skill the justice it deserves. {must buy Maltesers}

I’m really good at writing lists, terrible at keeping to them, and I misplace all the time. But I’m good at writing them, so that counts for something!

I’m also excellent at procrastinating, scarily good, which probably isn’t a good thing and goes hand in hand with my somewhat dubious list making skills.

But if I had to guess… one of the things I’m really rather good at is being silly.

Completely bat shit crazy silly.

It helps having the kids, being silly when they aren’t around is sometimes embarrassing…for the innocent bystanders, not me.


How to be silly….

Do not care what others think of your appearance ~ you need to be comfortable and confident to carry off being silly

Laugh properly ~ if you find something funny {within reason}, just let go and laugh. Not that polite chuckle, I mean the full on belly laugh, doubled over clutching stomach, tears streaming kinda laugh

Do not take yourself too seriously ~ none of us are that important that we can’t laugh at ourselves

Take lessons from your childhood ~ think of what you really loved back when you were a kid; walking on walls, climbing a tree, spinning around and around, cycling with no hands or putting frog spawn in your brothers bed….try something that you remember put a smile on your face

Don’t take life too seriously ~ it will eventually stop raining, you can wipe up the spilt juice, the hoover will take care of the 1000 piece bead set scattered over the floor and burning dinner is just an excellent excuse for a takeaway!

Have fun ~ it’s scientifically proven {by me} that fun – seriousness = SILLY, it’s true

Get excited about things ~ as grown ups we tend to put a downer our excitement, not sure why, but we should stop this madness right now. If something makes you want to do a little jig, emit a little ‘eeek’ or even a full blown “Everything is awesome!” whilst high fiving people just do it, once you get excited others will too and then we’ll all be excited…yay!

dance love and sing

So those are my tips on being silly, you are welcome.

Now, go do something silly, you’ll enjoy it, I pinky promise.



  1. I love this, having a 3 year old has reignited my silly (much to the hubs dismay!). I totally agree about taking lessons from childhood and I love a good old belly laugh, nothing better!


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