How To ~ DIY Superhero Logo Felt Banner

My little darlings are Superhero crazy.

Doesn’t matter if they are D.C or Marvel, all Superhero’s were made equal. Unless they are Lego Superhero’s, they are a tiny bit better than regular ones.

Wanting to combine my love of crafting and their love of Superhero’s I decided to make a Superhero Banner.

Here’s a quick and easy How To

How To DIY Superhero banner

Step 1. For a super quick way to get the logos go to dafont and download, and install these dingbats

DC Comic logos

Hall of Heros logos

Step 2. Using Word or Paint type out and print the logos you want to make into a banner. Remember to increase the ‘font’ size!

Step 3. Cut out the templates.

How To Superhero banner paper template

Step 4. Using the templates, draw the logos on to felt sheets.

Step 5. Cut out the various layers of felt for each layer.

How To Superhero banner felt layers

Step 6. Layer the felt pieces together for each logo, use fabric glue or PVA glue to adhere them. Use either pegs or a book to smoosh the layers together.

How To Superhero banner adhering felt layers

How To Superhero banner, felt logo

How To Superhero banner felt logos

How To Superhero banner bang pow

Step 7. Sew the logos to bunting tape, ric rac or whatever you want to hang the logos from. I used red and blue ric rac; they seemed like Superhero colours.

Step 8. Display your awesome new Superhero banner!

How to ~ superhero logo banner

How to ~ superhero logo garland

This goes so bloomin’ well with the Superhero artwork I made for them a little while ago.

bedroom shelf with DIY wallpaper canvas


  1. They are so cool!! Amazing dingbats! x

  2. I downloaded the fonts but can not find the bang or pow - do you remember which one they were? Thank you, I love this idea


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