New Born Baby & Parent Gifts

Anyone else in the middle of ‘Baby Season’?

It’s much like any other season, except with babies being born rather than leaves falling from trees. Pretty much every other person is having a baby, celebrating a Christening or 1st birthday, at least it seems that way!

Not sure about you, but I can find it rather difficult to find a suitable gift to celebrate the arrival of a baby.

From our own experience of being first time parents it was rather overwhelming to receive so many sets to store the 1st curl and 1st tooth, even with twins we couldn’t use them all.

Sometimes you need to step away from traditional gifts and go for something a little different.

This is where My 1st Years comes in to its own.

Their range of traditional gift ideas is rather impressive, with the option to personalise the vast majority of items with dates and or names.

Traditional new baby and Christening gifts from 1styears 

But it’s their non traditional gifts that really appeal to me.

A new born really isn’t going to know you bought them anything, but once that baby is a little older, they will love some of these gifts, I’m in love with that toy box!

Non tradtional new baby and christening gifts from 1styears

 gifts for little ones from my1styears

They also have a fabulous range of clothing items, many of which can be personalised, and the shoes! Aren’t baby shoes just adorable!

gifts for little ones feet from my1styears

I know many people, myself included, like to give a little gift to the new parents, after all they’re the ones who will be experiencing the sleepless nights, hehehe.

My 1st Years has a wonderful selection of gifts for both mama and dada, perfect for commemorating the arrival of a little one.

gifts for fathers from 1st years

gifts for mothers from 1st years 

~ Thanks to the generosity of My 1st Years, I was provided the opportunity to select an item from their online shop for review, once I wrestle the *item* from the boys I’ll be posting the review, until then, I hope you enjoy this little gift guide. ~


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