The Final Bill

This is an unusual post, but something I have thought about on and off since my father passed away during Christmas 2000.

Funerals, and their costs.

Not a particularly nice topic, but having been in the unenviable position of having a parent die and no life savings, insurance or policy to pay for a funeral, a topic that hit home in a particularly harsh and brutal way.

Whilst my siblings and I were trying to get our heads around not having a dad; no one to walk us down the aisle, or scare the bejesus out of prospective boyfriends or shed a tear when holding a grandchild we were struggling to find out how on earth to ‘bury’ him.

When in the first savage days of mourning; shock, anger and denial made sorting out legalities and practicalities incredibly difficult.

Watching our mother struggle with the loss of her husband; the man she expected to have beside her for another 30 odd years was devastating, leaving us feeling helpless.

Whilst thinking about death, whether our own or that of a loved one, is never a nice topic, being able to afford a respectful and dignified send off is something that truly helps in the healing process.

Preparing for the inevitable, because let’s face it we’re all going to go at some point, it’s something we should all take in to consideration and prepare for. If not for our own peace of mind but the comfort in knowing that our loved ones wont be left floundering and possibly in debt trying to afford us our final dignity.

There are many options to cover the expense of that final bill, I’m not here to push any particular one on you, but as a daughter who was left behind not knowing what to do, I still feel guilt over not being able to give him the send off he deserved, I would urge everyone not to put someone you love in the same situation.

You don’t need to make a deal of it; maybe your insurance policy covers funerals or even one of those payment plans, just have something in place to take away the financial worry for your family.

The grief process is a difficult time already, without adding the stress of financial decisions on top.

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Apologies for a horrendously depressing post, but it’s one of those experiences we don’t need to put others through with just a little planning and consideration from ourselves.

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  1. I had never thought about that before. I have in the past at work, at a bank, received letters from the council asking if their tenants, who have died, had any money to pay the funeral bills and often they were penniless and with no family either. I always felt so sorry for them but I always thought - They're dead, what does it matter what funeral they have?! But funerals are definitely a big thing for families and when people are penniless and have a family, the cost of a funeral must be huge and the implications of not having the money would be even bigger. Thanks for sharing this x


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