The Story of Me ~ In 250 Words or Less

I’ve hit a bit of a blogging wall, happens to us all at some point!

Searching for a little inspiration to get me thinking again I stumbled across this rather lovely blog with a blog everyday challenge.

I may not do everyday, but there are some wonderful prompts, so here goes…..The Story of Me in 250 words or less

I’m the shy, yet often outgoing goof ball with random quirks. I sing whenever, think I can dance and give good hug.

I’m the second youngest and the shortest of 4 {3 girls and a boy}, we started life in a gorgeous thatched roof cottage bordering Wimbledon Common, it was bliss. But then life changed and we ended up in a cramped council flat in the middle of Wandsworth.

with my big bro and sis

Getting kicked out of home at 18 was actually worked out incredibly well for me, despite finding myself homeless I eventually managed to set down roots in Worthing. But life once again took a turn, a partner who favoured booze and drugs over me was a harsh lesson but one I learnt well.

Trudging back to London I was by now ‘enjoying’ a decent career with the Home Office. It was there I met my Spencer, he’s the male version of me, which I think is why we get on so well, he ‘gets me’, quirks and all.

Within a few months we were living together, before the year was out we bought our home. Within another 2 years we became parents to Oof and Doof.


I’m now pretending to be a ‘house wife’, whilst pondering on what I want to be when I grow up.

I’m now filling my days with the things and people I love.

It’s taken a while, been often an arduous journey, but I’m finally in my happy place.


  1. Goodness, your boys look so much like you!! xx

    1. Short, cheeky and adorable? Awww you're too kind xx

  2. You didn't need the arrow on the easy to see which one is you. Great blog. Great post. :)

  3. Great idea for a blog post and it sounds like you've got things sorted. As for the 'what do i want to do when I grow up' thing, I don't think fox of us really know either!

  4. Lovely, lovely post! It sounds like it all turned out ok in the end :) x


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