The Weeks That Were

I seem to have lost track lately.

Too busy living and enjoying the blessings I have to actually record them, which is a shame, as I don’t want to forget a moment.

We’ve had a half term, which naturally the boys spent being ill. The entire time. They recovered just in time to go back to school, grrr.

I’ve been spending more time getting to know the area. Despite moving here 7 years or so ago I’m really not that clued up on the area. Which is a shame as it has so much to offer! From stunning views, pretty flowers, quirky book shops and wonderfully named roads; it’s a place I’m determined to explore more.


We’ve had some fab moments; such a relief that I haven’t taken a downwards turn since reducing my meds.

random moments

Of course we’ve been taking advantage of the glorious sunny days we are blessed with, would be criminal to live so close to the beach and not make the most of it.


Ethan at the beach rockin the socks

These boys crack me up.

Every time we go to the beach they meet new friends, young or old, they’ll be throwing hugs around and generally inserting themselves in to other peoples families. I’ve given up apologising and feeling awkward; they wont stop being friendly and to be honest it’s nice to see them so uninhibited around strangers.

Ahren having fun at the beach

ethan and his hat         ahren and his hat

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  1. Fantastic pictures :-) that is great news about your medication, I hope it stays good for you! x #TWTWC

  2. Ah i always find your blog so uplifting Amanda, it's just too pretty for starters! Your boys are fun-filled rays of sunshine. So glad that your reduction in meds is having no negative side effects for you. Gorgeous set of pics xx

  3. A fabulous blog post hun. And making the most of the sun with your adorable boys...enjoy every single minute (they grow up much too fast).

  4. It's so lovely to read about your week(s) again! I've missed you :) Glad you've been living life though - it's so important :)

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx


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