Things that make me uncomfortable


So, this next blog prompt is all about…Thing that make me uncomfortable.

There is A LOT that makes me uncomfortable, I’m ridiculously fussy but hey ho, in no particular order

The words moist, discharge and panties just make me shudder

People sniffing back their snot, blow your damn nose


Having my photo taken, I think this some quirk I inherited from my dad. He hated having his photo taken, to the point he would destroy any photos which had him in them. So yeah, I think this is something I inherited from him, besides I think I look rather meh/ick in any photo.

The sounds people make when they eat or drink, they freak me out.

Commuters who don’t follow the Commuter Rules

Smokers who yack up that phlegm, ewww

People that spit on the floor

Overfriendly staff…gah the list is endless!

So what makes you uncomfortable?


  1. Definitely the eating thing it really gets to me. My mil sniffs constantly its like a habit even if she hasn't got a cold and it really grosses me out. I also cant stand when people don't do the washing up straight away or seeing the contents of someone's mouth when they're eating.

  2. Great list! The snot, food, phlegm noises are definitely the same for me too! x


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