A Day out at Aldingbourne Country Centre ~ A pirate ship, woodland walk, llamas and more!

A family day out and helping a wonderful charity, the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Last weekend we set out for Aldingbourne Country Centre, a new us destination, but one I had high hopes for.

None of us left disappointed.

The Aldingbourne Trust Philosophy

The Aldingbourne Trust is dedicated to helping local businesses, communities and people with learning disabilities to reach their potential and enjoy life, together.

We are committed to the support and wellbeing of people with learning disabilities by developing their skills, helping them gain employment in the local community and encouraging them to lead more fulfilled, independent lives. Many of the people we support also have physical disabilities and our expertise ensures their lives are contented and secure.

With our support and consistent attitude towards diversity, equality and inclusion for all, people with learning disabilities can achieve more control over their lives and futures and make informed changes for the better.”

I love that there is something more meaningful behind behind this venture than simply making a profit.

From the second we arrived Ahren and Ethan were in their element, poor tinker tots didn’t know which way to go exploring, thankfully their map reading came in handy!

So with pencils and treasure hunt lists in hand we set off to explore.

map reading at aldingbourne country centre

We explored the Friends of Aldingbourne Garden, a wonderful collection of recycled planters and structures made from salvaged items.

The boys were amazed by the bug house and slightly concerned about the size of the bugs!

handmade creativeness

Ethan showed us his best zombie impression, that’s Halloween sorted.

ethan the zombie

I can safely say that neither of my boys are skilled in the ancient art of Mini Golf, Ahren went all John McEnroe it was hilarious whilst Ethan cheated, unashamedly cheated.

step away from the donkey 

Whilst the kiddos were busy trying to run in every direction at once I was blown away by the creativeness of the place.

tree trunk planter

Tree trunks used as planters.

every pirate ship needs bunting

A pirate ship with bunting.

the lady bug and the bee

Colourful mosaics.


best fence ever

The best fences I have ever seen.

a bright and colourful fence

And a giant xylophone!


A walk in the woods gave the boys a chance to tick a few things off their Woodland Trust Nature Detectives Go wild in the woods adventures.



ahren and ethan investigating in the woods

A wonderful den!

a wood land den

hello down there

How wonderful is this hop scotch?

tree stump hop scotch

These decorations swaying in the breeze really reminder me of the Blair Witch Project!

tree decorations.

I loved the vast array of hand crafted items dotted around the woods, they were in keeping with the environment and offered homes for so many bugs and animals.

The wooden star hanging from a tree was lovely.

in the woods

When we left the woods the boys charged up to the farm to see the animals, we wanted to linger around the Enterprise Village but the kids won out and we soon found ourselves saying ‘hi’ to a bunch of ducks and goats. We did manage to stop and see some of the beautiful plants available from their Plant Nurseries to buy.

flowers at aldingbourne country centre

flowers for sale at aldingbourne country centre

fun on the farm at aldingbourne country centre

stunning feathers at aldingbourne country centre

ethan and his buttercups.jg

love this face

These two are hilarious, both tried walking in different directions whilst holding on to the same bucket!

tom and jerry with their bucket at aldingbourne country centre

chickens and goats at aldingbourne country centre

This goat was so unimpressed with Ethan's offering of grass.

ethan saying hello to a goat at aldingbourne country centre

ducks showing us their best side at aldingbourne country centre

wild flowers at aldingbourne country centre

Before heading home Ahren tried to climb the mighty Oak tree, he didn’t get very far. The boys were knackered, and we hadn’t even got to see everything!

This was one of my favourite places to visit, can’t wait to go back on an event day!

a mighty oak tree at aldingbourne country centre

ahre prepares to climb a tree at aldingbourne country centre

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  1. Wow, this looks like a wonderful place to visit. I love all the natural, arty touches and it looks like there was so much to explore for everyone :) #countrykids

  2. looks like you have been really busy visiting :-) it looks fab :-) #countrykids

  3. What a fantastic place to visit and explore, with so much for the children to see and do with some amazing play equipment. Thanks for linking up and sharing your fun with Country Kids.

  4. So true when you said there so many things to do you wont know where to start! I also love the small touches as those planters! I cant even believe you can go around in just a day! This place is just so massive! #countrykids


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