A Year of the Pier ~ Eastbourne Pier in Photographs

I started photographing Eastbourne Pier a year ago. 

An informal photography challenge to myself, capturing the same subject in different ways, at different times from various points of view.

I never actually expected to enjoy it as much as I have.

But over the weeks it grew on me.

Not just as a subject to photograph, there was something about it’s determination to survive.  It’s stood proudly from the coastline for over 100 years, survived 2 World Wars, fires, weathered countless storms and the pounding of thousands of feet and crashing waves.

eastbourne pier 7

eastbourne pier 6

eastbourne pier 4

eastbourne pier 3

eastbourne pier 2

eastbourne pier 1

sun burst beside pier

Fluffy clouds over Eastbourne pier_thumb[2]

dusky pier

sunny day at eastbourne pier_thumb[2]

pier behind grass

Sunlight through the pier

sun peaking behind the pier

low tide from the pier

dancing under the pier

sunshine above the pier


early morning pier

I do hope they rebuild, as one of only 58 piers left in the UK, it would be a shame if such an iconic structure of our seaside were left to tumble into the sea.


  1. I hope they rebuild it too, it was so sad seeing the photos on the news of it on fire :( x

  2. I adore your pier photos and always look forward to them on Silent Sunday x

    1. And, being away from the UK the fire wasn't on my radar, just read about it. I so hope they rebuild too :(

  3. I grew up in Weston super Mare, so have a particular fondness for this type of seaside. I hope they rebuild too, would be so very sad not to.

  4. What beautiful photographs and what has happened now is just awful.

  5. I was heartbroken for you when I saw this on the news. My first thought was of you and your wonderful Sunday pictures.
    I hope they rebuild, then we can witness it, through you xx


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