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We’re almost at the end of their first year at school.

It’s been an emotional roller coaster. The highs have been astounding but the lows have been soul destroying and left me feeling wretched as a parent.

Despite the frankly appalling start to school life my children have had, they’ve come out on top.

The changes in them both are numerous and positive. I couldn’t be prouder of how they have coped with the changes and developed new skills.

They have…

Learnt to read

Learnt to write

Made friends

Learnt to forgive

Grown enviable confidence

Taught us the joy of not taking things too seriously

Shown determination to succeed

Developed an interest in learning everything they can

Learnt how to dress themselves

Taken responsibility for themselves

Shown kindness to others

Learnt to make the most of situations they can’t control

But most of all they have learnt how to be children who really do enjoy being children; everyday is a fun day, full of skipping, dancing, running and singing. Getting messy is a sign of a day well spent learning and exploring, being too tired to walk home from the bus stop means they haven’t stopped having fun whilst away from mama and papa.

I’m so excited to have them all to myself over Summer, yet I’m excited as to what new developments the next school year will bringwhile we try to teach our children all about life

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  1. Awwww - lovely. I can't believe it is almost summer. I am looking forward to it x

  2. That first year goes by so fast, doesn't it? My oldest is just finishing year 1 while my middle son starts foundation 2 in September. It's amazing to look back on how much they develop in their first year at school. Totally agree, though, that the best thing is seeing that they continue to just be children. There's time for being all grown-up later!

  3. This is so lovely Amanda. I've been interested, but at times horrified, to see how school life has treated your two little ones. I love how they've learnt to battle the tough times but continue to have fun. I'm glad that you are looking forward to seeing them progress next year in school. Have a wonderful summer together x x

  4. Oh that quote is perfect. What a huge milestone, a whole year of school - done! Enjoy your Summer with your beautiful boys x

  5. I can't believe the first year is almost over. Meg has been through the same transitions and it has been amazing to watch. I can't wait to have the summer with her though!

  6. That first year is a tough one for us. For the first time since we gave birth to them, they are on their own; we have no control over what goes on in their. Your little ones have achieved a lot; so much to be proud of. Great little list to look back on.


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