How Does You Garden Grow

This week we’re back to the wild flowers which are still making their glorious selves known all along the beach.

I saw this on Pinterest, made me want to make a crown of flowers and spin in circles in the garden, I might still do that!

do you suppose

I’m not sure if it’s just their natural cycle showing us all the different stages of bloom in full on colour, or if a conscious decision on planting from the gardeners who sowed the wild flowers, but the colourful display is still looking gorgeous.

I shall let the pictures do the talking today.

all the colours

yellow and purple wild flowers


roses and daiseys

make a wish

scattered pollen

blue and spikey

no idea what it is

I do love living here, getting to see the beauty of nature as she does what she wants, where she wants, is such a privilege.

coastal living




  1. No that is some lovely eye candy to enjoy, i am going to be living near the seaside soon so i hope to see a change in plants #HDYGG

  2. Those wild flowers are gorgeous! They really make everywhere feel so Summery and wild :)

  3. beautiful photos, mine is wildflower themed this week too, there is such a lot of beautiful wildness out there! #HDYGG

  4. I'm such a fan of wild flowers too. Would love them planted and spread everywhere!

  5. These photos make me want to morph into a bumble bee so I can rub my face in them! There's stacks of them about this year - maybe it's something to do with the people trying to save the bees. Gorgeous - I must take the kids to the beach this evening now - thanks to you on their behalf!
    Cheers for joining in again - it's so good seeing what everyone's been florally-perving over each week :)

  6. Beautiful. I have sown loads of wildflowers around our farm this year, but haven't seen much come up :( Going to try and sow some more over Autumn - they may have a better chance to establish over the nettles then!

  7. Beautiful, I do so love Wildflowers, they look so cheery and happy, and I am sure the insects and bees love them too

  8. `like monets art scene ~ beautiful

  9. They are so free and wild. I love the first photo. Different colors of flowers and yet harmonious to look at and pleasing to the eyes. #hdygg

  10. I love to see wild flowers in their natural habitat, they are so pretty, such beautiful photographs x #HDYGG

  11. I have a poster by that artist in my front room :D Love wildflowers, always seem nicer than the posh ones.


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