How Does Your Garden Grow…

Bloomin’ wonderful!

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m hopeless at gardening, well I was until recently.

Not sure what I’m doing but the garden is looking pretty darn lovely!

There is so much colour, I actually squee and do a little dance when I see see flowers opening up under the sunshine for the day. Even seeing the petals close up for the night is rather satisfying.

I planted, grew and tended to these amazing bursts of colour! I feel like a proud mama all over again.


ruffled petals

This planter is just a riot of colour, you can’t see them all here, but there are pinks, reds, oranges, white and even a hint of yellow at the back.

The Sweet pea the boys grew at school is doing beautifully, another proud mama moment.

planter full of colour

colourful planter

Isn’t this just a gorgeous burst of sunshine!

yellow tipped petals

My Lavender is finally starting to come through, seems rather late this year but better late than never.


The Clematis which I thought I had cut away completely has made a marvellous come back. I love how it branches out and clings to whatever it can, such determination to strive.

purple clematis

This one has popped up from nowhere but is a much welcomed addition.

pale pink petals

But what I’m most chuffed with is the tomato's and chillies which hubs is growing!!

This little guy is Tommy Ahta, he’s our first, we’re so proud.

our first tom

And these are his friends!

home grown tomatoes and chillies

Yep, I have yellow walls in the green house and curtains, gotta make the veggies feel at home.

It’s been a wonderfully productive few weeks in the garden, although I’m now starting to think about autumn and winter and what I can do to maintain some colour and life in the garden…answers on a postcard please!

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  1. It's looking stunning! I think you have every right to be very pleased indeed.

  2. I love how you have curtains in your greenhouse! How cool! Congratulations on the birth of Tommy Ahta - mine need to catch up - or should that be ketchup ;)
    Love how you did your Bloom image at the top - very bright and beautiful - pinned!
    Ah this post makes me happy! Thank you for sharing!

  3. you should be rightly proud of your garden - it is looking lovely! I have a chilli plant on my kitchen windowsill with tiny chillies now appearing.

  4. Wow, those chillies are big and your tomato is looking good :) Our lavender is only just flowering too, I expected it to be early after the streak of warm weather. I have a white version of the pink flower, not sure what it's called though, do you know?

  5. I love this time of year the garden seems to have go into overdrive for colour just love all the Blooms too fab

  6. Beautiful pictures, your planted looks so pretty x #HDYGG

  7. so delightful! you have every reason to be proud!

  8. Your garden and flowers are looking lovely :-) Some beautiful photos :-)

  9. I love your quirky garden! Curtains and painted walls! You are so loving them thats why they are loving you back. So true everything is in bloom! #hdygg

  10. I get so excited by blooms too:-) Yours are lovely. I wouldn't worry too much about when autumn/winter comes. You will find beauty there too if you look I promise.

  11. Whatever you are doing to your garden you're doing it right! I've been thinking about autumn planting too. Time to consult the books.


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