How Does Your Garden Grow

How lucky we are to live so close to the beach.

early morning fishing

The other morning we decided to have breakfast on the beach, watching the early morning fishermen come back home.  Once our tummies were full of course I had to see what flowers were making an appearance. 

Would have been rude not too!

mornng at the beach 154

mornng at the beach 147

I wont even pretend to know what most of these are, not that it matters much, I can appreciate them without knowing what they are.

wild and free

In full bloom this looks like a little sun, just bursting with bright happy yellow.


I have no idea why, but these remind me of a sad clown or the cowardly lion!


Flowers such as these, where the petals are two very obviously different colours blow my mind. How does ‘it’ know where to change the colour from one to the other?!

yellow orange petals

Haven’t seen Foxgloves in ages, so these were a nice surprise tucked away by the wish tower.



Again I have no idea what it is, but I love it! 

It’s rather like a firework, trapped in a flower.

lots of pollen

purple and orange


pink and green

red and yellow

I’m hoping Fluffy, our baby seagull, will bugger off in the next few days, and I can get back to our own garden.  Between her and her mama, getting out in the garden is rather scary. Mama bird is crazy protective, she scares the heck out of me.

Not sure when we’ll hit the beach again, Ahren got very emotional over the pier burning down, I’m just glad he’s got so many wonderful memories of it.

enjoying the simple things a sunrise walk


Popover to manneskjur for some flowery delights.


  1. Beautiful pictures. I love the first one of the boat :-) I love to see wild flowers they are so pretty x #HDYGG

  2. All your photos are really beautiful! Loving the two tone flowers and the one that looks like a firework. Those orange flowers look like lava planets to me :)

  3. Lovely flowers and hopefully a wonderful antidote to the horror of the burning pier.

  4. Such pretty flowers, beautiful and happy. Terrible news about the pier x

  5. How sad about the pier :( I recognize a few of those flowers form down by the beach by me, I rather like that we see the same things on our walks even though we live miles apart. Loving that fireworky type bloom - a bit like its just exploding!
    Thanks for joining in again - and breakfast on the beach is inspired, we often do evening walks but never morning ones - my do some soon!

  6. Wow what an abundance of flowers by the beach! You are lucky to live there :) Such a shame about the pier :(

  7. You are lucky to live near the sea - it looks like a beautiful spot. I also like the firework flower too :)


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