How To ~ 2 Ways To Save Your Instagram Photos

Another week and another Instagram user has had their account disabled.

Not knowing the ins and outs as to why accounts are disabled for breaching the Community Guidelines it’s hard to determine what photos are the ones which prompt such action from Instagram

A scantily clad lady in nothing but the smallest bikini, leaving nothing to the imagine is okay. Yet a snap of a toddler in pants, whose sex can’t even be determined is deemed inappropriate under, I presume, guideline ‘2. Don’t share photos or videos that show nudity or mature content’.

The inconsistency with the ‘policing’ of Instagram makes many users nervous as to whether they will also fall foul of the guidelines and end up losing their account and access to all their photos.

Knowing the Summer holidays are fast approaching and my kiddos appreciation of naked time, I’ve decided to start regularly backing up my Instagram photos.

instagram pics

Whilst I don’t plan on posting any naked photos of my kids, after the latest round of disabled accounts I don’t want to risk losing my pics due to an exposed tummy or two!

So, here’s two super simple and quick ways to back up your Instagram pics

How to save your instagram photos


Step 1. You need an external hard drive. Either your computer or an external hard drive which you can connect to the computer will do.

Step 2. Connect your phone, tablet or whatever has your Instagram photos on to your computer. Don’t forget to connect your external drive if using one for storage.

Step 3. Create a folder for your Instagram photos in your hard drive.

Step 4. Locate Instagram gallery on your device.

How to save Instagram pics to a drive

Step 5. Copy the Instagram photos from device to hard drive.


Now you have all your Instagram photos safely stored away.

Make regular downloads to keep on top of your latest snaps.


Another option you have of saving the photos you share via Instagram is to save the original photo.

Step 1. Go to your Instagram profile

how to save original photos on instagram

Step 2. Access your Instagram settings and ensure the ‘Save Original Photos’ tab is switched on.

how to save original photos on instagram settings

And it’s done!

So, if you ever happen to fall foul of the guidelines and find your account disabled, you’ll still have those photos.


  1. Great post! I never knew I could save them as in Option 1, thanks muchly! x


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