Making The Most of Summer

Our first school summer holiday.

It feels bittersweet. One on hand I’m looking forward to lazy days, impromptu picnics, water fights, snuggle cuddles and days out with my boys.

Yet, this makes me rather melancholy. Gone are the carefree days when we could wake up and do whatever we wanted. Our schedules have to fit around school term times and whilst I always knew this would happen eventually, I didn’t expect it to happen so quickly.

Those first few years where my children were mine, where I didn’t have to make sure they were anywhere else except where we wanted to be have passed.

We have 7 weeks to make and capture new memories, find new friends, go on adventures, create havoc and enjoy this crazy family we are part of before we are pulled back kicking and screaming to the confines of a school routine.

I’m waiting eagerly for 3.15pm next Tuesday.

Their uniforms are for the bin {they’ve ruined them} their school shoes too. The alarm will be switched off. Breakfasts will be later and sweeter. Bed times will wait until our day is done, we’ll bring home sand, stones and other treasures from our adventures. We’ll laugh and dance and be weird.

I can not wait for the craziness to begin.

walk in the rain by Bruce Williamson


  1. I'm looking forward to the holidays too...My girls finish at 1pm on Friday and it can't come soon enough :) x

  2. Gorgeous post Amanda. Your boys are beyond lucky to have you as a mummy. Look what fun awaits them this summer! x

  3. Oh this post made me emotional! I'm savouring our last few weeks of freedom before LP starts preschool, that before we know it will turn into school! Enjoy your 7 weeks of summer, I can't wait to hear all about it x

  4. Oh that sounds like so much fun! I'd love to turn off my clocks, I think I might take off Monday, haha. I hope you guys have fun!

  5. Enjoy this...once they're teens you won't see them before lunch and then they'll just need cash to do what they want. *sigh*

  6. Lovely post. I do get a bit sad as I just think because I work, we'll never have a summer full of this, and definitely not involving my OH as he's a farmer

  7. I love your list of things to do over the summer. Hope you manage to tick them all off and have a wonderful summer

  8. School ended yesterday for us. We had a picnic that made me so tired but not my son cuz he is so perky and I am so sluggish so I will start the whole cease the day moment on Monday. This is such a lovely soulful post =) #pocolo


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