Tomorrow is yet another strike day.

Members of the NUT, UNISON, UNITE, GMB, PCS and the FBU – representing council and health workers, fire-fighters and civil servants will be going on strike for the day; causing the closure of schools, universities and reduced services across the country.

I’m not here to dispute their right to strike.

Having taken part in a few strike day’s myself I can fully understand the position people find themselves in when faced with the decision to strike or not. It isn’t a simple “oh a day off, marvellous”, you do indeed miss out on a day’s pay, which is fair enough for not working.

Despite it not supposing to, participating in strike action can often be held against you by senior managers and colleagues who for their own reasons choose not to strike but fully embrace and accept any benefits strike action may eventually lead to.

Likewise, not striking isn’t always an easy decision either.

Crossing the picket line, manned by your colleagues can be a daunting experience, picking up the slack even for one day can be stressful and difficult. Yet these experiences don’t compare to fact that many individuals simply can’t afford to lose a day’s pay for something they most likely support, when any benefit from said action could take years to be seen.

Over a million union members are expected to strike tomorrow, the knock on effect will be felt by many, as is their intention.

Perhaps if the powers that be who delight in pay increases, generous holiday and expenses entitlements along with a pension scheme envied by many offered the same employment benefits to those individuals who educate the future generations, risk their lives to save others and numerous individuals, who have entered a profession to help and assist others in their daily lives, strike action would be a thing of the past.

But whilst people are continuously expected to do more for less, strike action will become a more common event.

Looking at the figures below, {starting salaries for fully trained individuals} it’s not difficult to see why people are frustrated and feel strike action is their only option.


figures from Prospects / DfE / National Career Service / Parliamentary Standards

Regardless of what any of us may think of their chosen professions, there is little doubt that their continued efforts make our lives not only easier but safer.

It really is about time parliament recognised that.


  1. Salaries should definitely be more inline. MP salaries are ridiculous. What do they actually do?! Police Officer starting pay after training is £22k. Go figure x


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