Summer Holiday Photo Challenge ~ Letting the kids go behind the camera!

Seeing the world from a child's perspective can be an amazing experience.

Their innocent view of life takes on a whole new meaning when it’s transferred to photo.

As my interest in photography has increased, so too have Ahren and Ethan’s, I guess it was inevitable as they see me take so many!

With their constant nagging to ‘borrow’ my camera {hell no} to take their own photos I’ve decided the Summer holidays would be the ideal time to let them lose with a camera and see what they can do.

We dug out two point & shoot cameras, which they can use to record their Summer, as seen through their eyes.

Knowing how they respond better to a little direction rather than be left to their own devices, I’ve decided to set them weekly photo challenges, nothing difficult, just something to focus on so they don’t just snap EVERYTHING.

With a 7 week holiday looming, I’ve split the challenges up in to weekly tasks, the interpretation of them is entirely up to them.

Summer Holiday Photo Challenge

I really looking forward to seeing how they do interpret them, I’m expecting some interesting results!

I will be pointing them in the right direction to follow a few photography basics, but I don’t want to bog them down with too much detail, I want them to have fun with this!

PhotoTips (1)

One of the tips I’ve included is ‘Review their images with them’, my boys love seeing their work on display, whether a drawing, piece of writing or a picture they took. I’ll be letting them view the photos on the computer and printing their favourites, hopefully they’ll have some wonderful memories of their first school summer holiday.

With this in mind, I’ve decided to do weekly posts to showcase their best photos, as decided by them, if you have a little one interested in getting behind the camera why not join in and see what they come up with!

The first weekly challenge starts next Monday, 21st July with a post of their best shots on Sunday, hope some of you feel like joining in with us.

summer holiday photo challenge


  1. I have just stumbled across your blog via LAB - and I love this idea! My son is only 4 and a half but he loves taking pictures. We captured colours last year but I think your prompts are really interesting so we'll be giving them a go!


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