The Simple Things ~ Going Off Line

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Every once in a while I feel the urge to disappear, a sense of wanderlust descends over the chaos of the everyday routine.

I don’t even need to go far, just a walk along the beach is enough to satisfy my cravings to get away from real life if only for a little while.

Exchanging the persistent roar of things and people I encounter everyday for the sounds of waves crashing, grass rustling and birds chirping in the trees is enough to sooth away the heavy weight on my shoulders when it all becomes too much.

Going off line for the best part of a week has been wonderful, it’s amazing {not in a good way} how something we lived without perfectly well has become central to everyday events.

Perhaps I’m just feeling a little melancholy; the boys are about to finish their first year at school, there’s the realisation that things are changing and my control over them is slipping away.

During my wanderlust filled walks I’ve realised I need to switch off more often and enjoy the simple things which make everyday worth getting up for.

When is the last time you logged off and just enjoyed living without thinking/worrying about anything else?


  1. I can't remember the last time I switched off! x


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