The time he proposed and I had to say no and break his heart

As a little girl I had dreamed of the day my knight in shining armour would get down on one knee, declare his undying love for me and ask me to be his forever.

As I grew older and surprisingly not much wiser, the knight became less of a good guy and more of a badass type, tall dark and handsome piece of rough, yet he’d still declare his undying love for me and ask me to be his forever.

Time passed, and eventually I fell a bit out of love with the idea of marriage.

The reasons for marriage seemed less important than building a family with a man I love.

And I have that man, he’s more blue eyed, blondish hair {when it’s not shaved off} rough around the edges with a big heart.

So whilst marriage hasn’t been on the horizon for a while, deep down I still want that one magical day that is mine, and guess his too, but really we know it would be mine!

All mine.

But then one day, I’m sat on the sofa just doing sofa sitting type stuff, when the words “Can I marry you?” are uttered.

I was floored, I hadn’t expected to hear the words. It was hardly romantic, him stood there naked, dripping water on to the floor from the pool whilst licking cake frosting off his hand.

But he meant it.

And I had to say no.

I let him down gently, “No sweetie, I’m your mama, we don’t marry. But I will always love you”

I’m the first to break his little heart, he recovered quickly, a hug and a few Party Rings do wonders.

The next girl to break his heart won’t get off so lucky.

Rustic, woodland coastal wedding

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  1. Haha, this made me giggle. How cute! Ya threw me when ya said "standing there naked licking cake frosting off his hand". Haha! I hope you guys are having a great Friday!

  2. Awwww that's really lovely. My 3 year old has said he's not getting married.

  3. Oh that is just adorable! Very well told, I really was picturing an attractive, blond-haired man dripping wet and eating frosting. :) I don't think my nearly 4 year old really knows what marriage is yet. He has just found out that Mummy and Daddy have been married for 9 years and that that is what the pictures on the piano are about, but his main interest is in working out how many years we will be married in the future and how high it could go up to...

  4. Awww! How sweet....This made me giggle x

  5. Gorgeous post! I've had to let mine down gently before too - but he didn't give up asking for some years!

  6. Oh my word what a wonderful post!! Even read it aloud to my husband and he loved it too xxxx

  7. Oh!!!! That was a beautiful read. so so lovely xx


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