Are You A Blog / Social Media Spammer?

You could have the best blog ever.

Be the most inspirational, talented blogger out there.

But if you spam people repeatedly, you will only frustrate your existing audience.

No one wants to be bombarded repeatedly with the same blog posts, updates or statuses, time and time again.

are you a blog or social media spammer

Utilising social media to get your posts / products across to a wider audience is essential for getting yourself out there. But so to is doing it in a manner that engages and entices your audience to seek more, rather than turn away.

Whilst it may seem a good idea to use plug ins or widgets which will auto retweet your old/popular blog posts, ensure you are not spamming your followers.

Once, twice or even 3 times over a week is one thing, 6 times or more of the same blog posts everyday is spamming.

Some tips to avoid spamming

1. Variety is the spice of life ~ republishing the same post numerous times everyday will get spammy, no post or update is that important

2. Utilise various platforms ~ remember you want to reach new audiences, not bombard existing ones

3. Timing is everything ~ schedule posts to be shared at different times, you don’t want facebook, twitter, Google + etc all showing the same posts at the same time to the same people!

4. Be personal ~ don’t make it all automatic, write your own tweets and engage with people

Blogging and social media are supposed to be personal turn off the auto and start engaging with people!


  1. Great tips...I never actually thought about sharing blog posts at different times on different social media sites. Very clever! I will be doing that in future.

  2. Great tips! I only ever tweet about a post the day it was published but do spread 4 tweets through the day. I'm considering now tweeting about posts though as think it could be spammy even though I change the text of the tweet. Honest opinion, am I spammy?! x

    1. I'm not saying don't tweet them, it's an excellent way to get your blog out there, just be mindful of when and how often. You're not spammy in the least! x

  3. Lovely. Oh, I hope i'm not spammy :-)

  4. I must say this is annoying me a bit at the moment with a few accounts. I mean, I follow people on social media in part so I get updated when they publish something new, so I certainly hope they do. But there are limits, especially with the older posts.

    Of course, perhaps I just spend too much time on twitter...

  5. Oh totally agreed! I have unfollowed some of the nicest people in the world on twitter because of this!

  6. Amen to that! I must admit I tweet a post about six times a day. But I write those tweets with my own fair hand - and then that post isn't shared again. They are interspersed with lots of other tweets and interactions with people, so hopefully I don't appear to be spamming anyone.
    I will have a new post to share the next day! I don't use any plug-ins or widgets because they irritate me. There's one blogger who auto tweets two archive posts together several times a day. I am VERY close to unfollowing. Also, people share old crap posts - like Christmas posts in July or Silent Sundays. Now I'm all for Silent Sunday, but you won't find me looking back on a Silent Sunday from eight months ago. No way.
    A post about going back to school at back to school time from last year? Yes. That makes sense. Likewise a Christmas post at Christmas.

  7. Being a newbie blogger I hope to be as subtle as poss. I love it when bloggers are honest with their reposts, ie say that this is an old but popular post that's the reason for putting it out there again

  8. My problem is.....I don't know how to turn off the auto! I tend to tweet out the same post about 4 times the first day then never again...I should probably space it out a bit more across the week.


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