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Our garden is a little quieter this week.

Our little seagull, Fluffy, has finally flown the nest as has Bertie the blackbird. Whilst I’m rather glad to no longer have a crazy screaming mama seagull giving me the evil eye, I’m kinda missing Bertie, he would sit in the tree out back in the evenings and sing, it was lovely.

Anyhoo, I’m now able to get out into the garden without fear of being pecked at, screamed at, pooped on or having to apologise profusely to Bertie for getting in his way as he nibbles on raisins, which has enabled me to get some rather lovely macro shots full of colourful petal loveliness.

Cosmos Sensations

I’ve been using Google Image search to try and out what on earth I’m growing, its been rather hit and miss, especially when the suggested results are from your own blog where you have labelled similar flowers as “lots of pink petals”.

But I’ve had a little success, which is all rather helpful in choosing what I want to plant / grow for next Summer.

Cosmos Sensation bud


Apparently, “white petals with a yellow spikey middle bit” isn’t very helpful when attempting to identify flowers, pft!

kinda like a sea aster

I took this pic from below, must say I rather love the orange on blue sky. I’m so pissed off with myself for hacking pruning back the Crocosima, {ohh look I know what this is now} for absolute ages it was doing nothing except growing like grass…now I know to leave it alone next year.

Crocosmia 'Lucifer'

Chrysanthemum yellow

wild flower shadow

Coming home from a picnic the other day we saw this rather lovely flower, it had been snapped off from the rest of the plant so we decided to rescue it and bring it home. It still has several buds which are slowly opening up, no idea what it is, but it’s rather lovely, and has an amazing shadow, as demonstrated by Ahren.

wild flowers at home

I found another use for the flowers I picked up from the flower stall the other week, once again I have no idea what they are, but they look good in my little hanging planter doodah.

house flowers outside


  1. I think the pink flowers in the top photo are Cosmos. I have white ones and someone from HDYGG identified them for me a couple of weeks ago :) Love the hanging planter!

  2. Beautiful pictures. Our garden has gone a bit quiet too, it seems to be at a bit of a plateau before autumn x #HDYGG

  3. the pink flowers are cosmos and a lot of the times they are volunteers. my mother in law has them in her garden here in west virginia and i am absolutely in love with them!

  4. I love your hanging planter doo dah! Beautiful photos, and yes, I often hack rather than prune!

  5. Love that you don't know what your flowers are! They're absolutely stunning though (and I have no idea what they are either!). Really like your 'hanging planter doodah' (I assume that's its official name?!).

  6. The yellow flower looks more like a calendula and the blue is agapanthus. The cosmos is a stunning colour.

  7. The only flower I know here is Crocosmia! They're beautiful though, all of them and I love your planter do dah :)

  8. Oooo nice hanging planter doodahs missus! I've boomarked in my 'Garden Ideas' folder that I've got on the go to try and inspire me next year when we crack on with our garden :)
    Cunning idea with Google image search - I do love how you have tagged the images !
    Love the macro-ness and shadowy shot - all lushness - just what I needed to see!
    Thanks for joining in again xx

  9. Absolutely love your hanging planter doodahs, they look awesome! #HDYGG

  10. I have no idea what most of the flowers are in my garden either, but friends keep helpfully naming them for me :) Absolutely love your hanging planter doo dah. Need to get me one of those :) #HDYGG

  11. Cosmos are one of my very favorites, and they are so easy to grow! Lovely.

    Stopping in from How Does Your Garden Grow. :)


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