How Does Your Garden Grow

I learnt a thing or two this week about gardening.

My mum was down for a visit and we spent a while just pootling around the garden, chatting about random nonsense. She was very helpful with deadheading flowers, already seeing some regrowth, yay!

I almost had a fit when she told me I’d have to cut back all the jasmine, seems so so wrong.

after dead heading

Unfortunately she’s just as clueless as me when it comes to knowing what plants are!

I have no idea what these are, but the leaves are awesome. And I adore the colour of those petals.

name that plant

She did give me a few tips on the flowers which are going to seed, such as these violas. I do think my rather slap dash approach to gardening bemused her.

viola seeds

I made the not so difficult decision to cut down the Borage, not only was it giving me an itchy rash every time I passed it, but the beast was growing to crazy sizes, the main stem was thicker than my wrist!

So although I adore the flowers, it was just too gah for my liking. If know of a similar plant please let me know, thank you!

blue star petals

blue star petals

On the upside, get rid of the borage has opened up space for the wild flowers, which are blooming lovely!

wild flowers


wild flower on wood

Whilst shifting tubs about I uncovered these two beasts.

Gross but amazing.

wilber the worm


I find it hilarious that hubs gets freaked out by them!

Between deadheading, sprinkling seeds and whatnot I decided to paint the shelving doodah we made a few weeks ago, as much as the plain ol’ wood looked, I wanted some colour.

Having seen a photo on Lucy's Instagram feed of some pots I was inspired to paint some flowers.

painting flowers

Do you like my mug? It’s my gardening mug, it bounces and is mostly non breakable, unlike my Cath Kidson mug, which we wont talk about ever again.

Our gardening week has ended on a high, Tomi Ahta finally grew and got plucked!


tom split

The rest of the tomato crop are growing wonderfully, but I couldn’t help but laugh at these, sorry!

naughty toms



  1. lovely wild flowers and the painted shelf is so creative!

  2. So lovely, the tomato crop is looking great. Love the wildflowers.

  3. your garden looks amazing!!! i miss having tomatoes and must wait until october to plant some more again. your shelf came out awesome!

  4. Your shelf turned out great - you must be so pleased, loving your creativity. Hooray for mums who know what's what - passing on the knowledge so that in years to come you can tell your children what's what too. Good old Tomi - hope he was tasty - we've been scoffing ours this week too!
    I'm pretending I haven't seen the worm pics - instead I'm chuckling at that last one!
    Thanks for joining in again x

  5. I had to cut my borage back too, it was getting huge!! Since I've done that it looks neater and has new flowers. The wild flowers are pretty and your painted shelving doodah looks great! :)

  6. The borage self seeds so you'll have it popping up everywhere next year.

  7. Oh how pretty! I think the light blue star shaped one is my favorite. What is that flower? Yum, those tomatoes look good too!

  8. The flowers in your top picture are Sweet Williams - they make great cut flowers! Loving your painted shelf and hope you are loving your tomatoes!

  9. And I woke up this morning and remembered what you red flower with the gorgeous leaves is! Oxalis tetraphylla 'Iron Cross'

  10. What a great garden you have! I don't know a lot of names, either, but I know what I like!

  11. I love your floral bench. I get by on limited knowledge of names and often make mistakes - the OH got cross with me for pulling up dead poppies! Lovely photos, even the worms :)

  12. Love your flower painting, gorgeous and very cheery. I had to whizz past the worm picture as I am absolutely petrified of them. I cannot even touch a page of a book with a picture of one on it.


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